Your Questions About Will My Computer Play World Of Warcraft

Maria asks…

can you install World of Warcraft only once?

I am getting a new computer and I and I play world of warcraft. I am going to keep wow on my old computer to hand down. I have the discs and I remeber some where hearing that it is a one time download. Is that true meaning to get it installed I will need to buy the disc again or can I just download it. Please help! Any responces welcome, thank you.

dknol answers:

You can put the game on any computer you want to. You already have your account so you can play it on all the computers in your house if you want to :D

Thomas asks…

What is a good laptop to play world of warcraft on for under 900 dollars?

I am a gamer, and currently my computer sucks hard core, so i was wondering what the best laptop would be to play world of warcraft on for under 950,

Please i do not want to build my own, i want it already built, so if you have any suggestions tell me

I will thumbs up all answers <3

Best answer gets 10 points <3

dknol answers:

It's a little over your price range, but I think this laptop will serve you well. It's an HP HDX with 4GB of RAM, a 16″ widescreen display, and a 500 GB Hard Drive.


George asks…

What is the best Christmas gift for the information technology guru?

He's Cisco certified, loves messing around with computers, & plays world of warcraft like it's his job (my goodness I can't keep him away from Vashj!)

dknol answers:

How about an i-phone. Have you heard about those computers that have no keyboard, mouse or regular monitor. Its pretty wild. The screen shows up on a table and you basically touch the screen. I'm sure your technology guru friend has heard of it. I saw it on the news. Not sure when it will be out though.

Susan asks…

What is the best over summer video game for the computer?

At the beginning of every summer, my parents buy me a new video game for my computer. I have played World of Warcraft, Sims, etc. I enjoyed each but I want something fun, good graphics, and addicting. What do you suggest? I am a punk when it comes to scary things, so nothing too goury. I have seen minecraft, but want something with better graphics.

dknol answers:

Action- spider man web of shadows, prince of persia ,street fighter and 4 fable II
racing- GRID, need for speed hot pursuit
shooter-crisis 2
mmo- dc universe online

Daniel asks…

Why does my computer shut off when i open world of warcraft?

every time i try to play world of warcraft, my computer shuts down, but not at any other time. what is going on?

dknol answers:

It might be becouse your computer is overheating thats what happen to mine so try like a virus scan or finally fast or something

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