Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi Internet

James asks…

MP3's with Internet access?

I'm looking for reasonable MP3 players that have internet access. I was planning on getting an iPod Touch but its not in my price range.
I would like one that has FM recording on it as well.
So like i would be able to go on Facebook and stuff without having to pay
So please give me names and or places that i can get one with WiFi

dknol answers:

Just the PSP because you can use the internet on it but I heard it can be slow though. That or you could maybe get a blackberry phone

Helen asks…

What are some of the better mobile phones for browsing the internet?

I don't really require an MP3 player oriented one as I have an MP3 player.
I wouldn't mind a reasonable camera but again this isn't a huge requirement but better than 2mp would be good.

What I'm after is something I can browse the internet with (WiFi would be good). I want to be able to look up websites like Y!A, Facebook, MSN Hotmail, maybe some Youtube and generally get sports scores and news.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

dknol answers:

IPhone, I have one. It has unlimited data so you can use the internet as much as you want and you can view the exact same pages you see on your computer (not mobile versions) easily on the screen. They also have web pages specifically designed for the iphone which make it easier to use but u can still view the regular site too. Its easy to zoom in and out and scroll down pages–all you have to do is move your thumb up and down on the screen.

WiFi is also good on the iphone, you just choose from an available network and type in the password if it requires one. Theres also an app in the app store for free which you can download on your phone right to your phone which is for facebook. And there's an additional app for youtube and one for email which are already on the phone when you get it. Not to mention an ESPN app for scores and news.

Pretty much everything you listed that you want–the iphone has and its fast.

Laura asks…

Internet Radio question help?

this is probably a stupid question, but is there a way you can play internet radio offa an mp3 player? maybe with wifi?

dknol answers:

No, unless the player has built-in WiFi like an Iphone or Blackberry.

Lisa asks…

hi I have a Question about connectiong to the internet through PPOE by wireless.?

Have a DSL modem, with a wireless antenna. I connec to the net using a PPOE username and password. I wish to use my Zune HD [an MP3 player with WiFi] to conenct to the internet. Now the problem is I am unable to connect to the internet from my Zune. I enable the wireless and have a 128 bit encryption and saved everything. but it only shows “connecting” in my device. please help me out here.

dknol answers:

With PPPoE if you don't have a router (connect directly to a DSL modem) you have to supply the user name and password on the device to connect to the ISP. With a router (even if it's built in to the DSL modem) you put the user name and password in the router and IT logs in to the ISP. Then everything that connects to the router (wired or wirelessly) can access the Internet.

So the way you described your DSL modem is that it has the wireless router built in. Therefore you just need to add the WEP key or WPA password into the Zune to make it connect. You may also have to broadcast the router's SSID for the Zune to see it.

If you're not sure what the problem is, temporarily disable the wireless security on the router and see if the Zune can connect then. If it does than add the security back in. If you're using WPA and it doesn't work, try WEP.

Susan asks…

What is the main reason(s) you should have a IPod Touch?

I only know
1.Free internet with WiFi .
2.MP3/Movie Players

Can you type a essay on it and plug into the computer and print it?
Can you use Aim, Windows live etc…for free?

dknol answers:

No you cant type an essay and print it but you could email your typed essay and print it from your pc. Yes you can use aim windows live for free

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