Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi And Touch Screen

Donald asks…

What is a good mp3/mp4 with touch screen?

I want an ipod touch, bcuz i like the features (wifi mainly), and i like how u play tha games… but i have heard good and bad things about apple, so i dont know if thats what i want. What are other good mp3/mp4 players that have a touch screen & wifi? that is a reasonable price..

dknol answers:

Dont think about any others
the new ipodd touch
is amazingggg
i seriously am in love with it
its also really fun to play games on it
Hopes this helps

Donna asks…

Is there a touch screen mp3 with wifi and apps?

Not and iPod touch though!!!!!!! And video player would be nice. Please help.

dknol answers:

Zune HD

Linda asks…

Should i get an archos 605 mp3 player?

i was looking for a good mp3 play and what i came up with so far was a archos 605 :

and if not this one plz give me links to other good mp3 players. i realy would like a touch screen with wifi. and no i dont want an ipod touch. HELP!!!

dknol answers:

The reviews that I have seen give the Archos 605 great reviews

Sharon asks…

Which phone do you think is better?

I'm debating which phone I should get next. I'm interested on buying my first time iphone4 but then apple always have new things almost every each 7 months or so. I've been always sony ericsson. So which one is better?

-Sony Ericsson Arc
-Sony Ericsson X10 / Xperia / Xperia Mini

I really am looking for, something with a really good, perhaps the highest megapixels. Touch screen. Wifi and mp3 player with a capable of playing good quality videos.

Please can anyone help me decide? thank you!
Your experience with the phone or even the good and the bad of the phone.

dknol answers:

Iphone 4 has the retina display which looks amazing. Go to best buy and get the buy back program. Every time a new version of the phone comes back they will buy it back at a good price.

Paul asks…

Looking for a touchscreen phone with WiFi…?

This is what I'm looking for in a phone:
-Under £100
Touch screen
-Pay as you go
-Bluetooth and MP3 player
-Maybe a half-decent camera
-Preferably not one of those slider-keyboard phones
-Looks good :)
-Some kind of Guarantee

Top this are must-haves, bottom things are things I want but probably won't find in one of these phones. only spending £100 because this phone is for my daughter, who loses her phone a lot, so I don't want to spend too much on something she'll just lose in a few minutes.
Thank you.
lol @ Crystal, my daughter had that phone for a year and a half, but now it's stopped working, and I can't find the LG Renoir on sale anywhere, but I like the sound of it best.

dknol answers:

I would say a samsung galaxy mini
decent camera
pay as you go for less than £100
bluetooth and MP3
Touch Screen
Looks good
and isnt a slider phone

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