Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi And Touch Screen

Michael asks…

Should I get the LG enV Touch or the LG Dare?

I won't have texting. I'm gonna use the phone as a mp3 player too, no internet. And I'm gonna use it as a camera. The least amount of glitches and best touch screen. Lastly if u know if the phone has wifi it would be great if you could tell me which one because i really want a phone with wifi. Also tell me why u would recommend that phone. THANKS a lot.

dknol answers:

I would have recommended the enV Touch but since you can't text you're going to have this whole half of the phone thats not very useful to you. The Dare is a great Mp3 player and the camera is really cool with 3.2 a megapixel camera. I would recommend this phone since I own the LG Voyager and had issues deciding weather to get The Dare or the Voyager. I love the Voyager and the Dare is SO closely the same thing. Good Luck!

Laura asks…

iPod touch 32 gigs vs iPod Classic vs Cowon S9 vs Zune HD?

i need a new player, and i am looking for a player with a big screen and capacity.

iPod Touch has wifi and other many apps, but has a LCD screen and can play video for only 5-6 hours.

The Classic is a monster, with 160 gig, but the small screen is unattractive.

Cowon S9 uses flash, has a AMOLED screen with 16 million colors for great movies, and few apps. superb music quality, plus memory stick and plays most codecs. no wifi

Zune HD OLED screen, but quality is not that of Cowon S9, but has wifi.

I watch lots of movies, and since im on the go alot, i need some games, music, and preferebly, wifi. Which won should i choose? i also download movies from torrents, and its a hassel to convert the videos.

for more info, go to

you can also suggest me plauers with a big screen thats more than 30 gigs.
btw, im interested in the AMOLED technology. + the Cowon9 but if you don't want Wi-Fi and tons of other features you may not use. My thinking was that I would rather have something that does a few things really well, like the S9, rather than something that stretches itself too thin, + 55 hrs of music or 11 hours of video.

dknol answers:

Zune HD.

I just traded in my Ipod Touch for the Zune HD on the first day it came out, and I am very happy about it. The Zune HD has HD radio, OLED Screen(A lot better than the Itouch's Screen in quality), better music quality, great UI, apps, and many more things.

Mary asks…

What mp3 player shoukld i buy?

Here's What I NEED
At least 4gb
Video and Picure

Here's What I WANT
Pink or white with skulls for color
Touch Screen

Heres What im willing to spend
Between 100$ and 250$

Provide links to a website discribing the player

It has to have what i need and if u find one for all my specifications you'll get a best answer and my undying love!!

dknol answers:

Nothing comes to mind… You could get an iPod Nano….

But there's no WiFi (I think) and no touch screen. And if you want the skulls, you could buy skins to add color:,201.htm

If you want WiFi, touch-screen, video, picture, and 8gb, you could get the iPod touch.

BUT the price starts at $299 and I think there's no skins for that so it'll just be black.

Mandy asks…

It's time to replace my sidekick LX, whats the best phone I should get?

After having the last 3 generations of sidekicks, its time to move on. I'm looking for a phone that will work with t-mobile. Heres my requirements: my new phone should have a QWERTY keyboard, camera (preferably with video recorder), fast downloading and web browsing, simple to use, and a very clear high resolution (and large) screen. A few things I don't care about having on my next phone are twitter and myspace compatability, mp3 player, games, touch screen, or wifi. Any suggestions? Thanks
Also, I'd like a phone that has above average or excellent reviews. Price is not an issue.
Forgot to mention, the qwerty keyboard should also be very easy to type with.

dknol answers:

The htc touch pro or htc diamond
those two are the best phones for a windows phone and they have a qwerty keyboard plus all the other bells and jungles that phones come with today

Linda asks…

is the ipod touch worth it?

is a ipod touch worth it if i would get one it would be the 8gb i already have a mp3 player that holds music,photos,videos and has a radio now i played around with a few peoples ipods at school before and think there not bad i like the touchscreen so is it worth to drop 200 $ on it also i should point out i could cares less about the apps there all pretty retarded to me basically the only things that i like about it is the touch screen and wifi

dknol answers:

I love my ipod touch i thought it was going to be stupidthat i spent that much money on it i get on facebook and music and youtube i don't do much on the apps i mean i have a couple i play but not much but i love mine

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