Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi And Camera

Richard asks…

Is there a phone in Malaysia with at least 2 or 3 megapixels and can wifi as well as other basic functions?

by other basic functions i mean mp3 player…i wouldnt mind maybe a flashlight,fake call function…but the musts are mp3 player,camera with at least 2 or 3 megapixel and wifi function….as for price, since i m in malaysia i'll use malaysian currency, it has to be around RM400-RM600
it can't be more expensive then RM650

dknol answers:

Perfect phone for u is samsung wave 525…chect it out on…

Charles asks…

what is a good phone i can get cheap on ebay?

i want something with an mp3 player, camera, and possibly wifi but i do not want a data plan i would like to spend no more than 80 bucks…. are the w0009 iphone clones any good? i also would prefer a keyboard thats not virtual

dknol answers:


To BUY or sell iPhone visit

Ruth asks…

What is nokia c3 like?

I really have a tight budget, and i love phones with qwerty :)
is nokia c3 any good?
if you have any other suggestions, no problem :)
i would really like something with WiFi, mp3 player, okay camera, easy net acces..that's about it..:)

dknol answers:

This is the youtube page you are looking for:

Mark asks…

Can i use a LG Keybo?

i have 700 rollover minutes and unlimeted text i have a upgrade soon with ATT i love this phone…well actually i just like the looks. can somebody give me full details of this fone plz?
details like:
mp3 player?
wifi compatible?
ok wait…
actually i just looked it up and its a verizon pfone i cant use ;(

dknol answers:

Going to At&t? Cool!! Heres A list of Do & Donts (or can and cants since i cant force u to buy these phones) 4 phone purchasing w/ at&t:
Do's (or cans)
pantech matrix
Blackberry curve
samsung impression
LG Xenon
LG Neon
Blackberry Curve (new 1)
Don'ts (or Cants/Shouldnts)
Samsung Eternity
Blackberry Bold
Samsung BlackJack
Nokia Surge
At&T Quickfire
Blackberry pearl
also, c if u can get ur verizon phone unlocked or jailbroken,then u cud use it 4 att while still having the phone.

Sharon asks…

What is the best mp3 player to buy?(like other than iPod)?

Ok I want a mp3 player & well I will most likely go with the newest iPod touch since it has so many features & well I have an iPhone but I dont use it for music much because its only 16gb and its already pretty full..

I was also considering the Zen Touch 2,so if anyone knows if they are good,tell me.

Well Im sure alot of people would probably say iPod but is there any other good ones? Like maybe with Wifi or camera(doesnt have to be,can be either or)?

dknol answers:

Check out the Cowon or the Archos series.

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