Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi And Camera

Linda asks…

Help with Samsung Android MP3 Player?

I want the samsung galaxy player 4.0, but there seems to be so many other ones by samsung just like it and they all have very confising names with letters and numbers and different sizes and I can't tell which one to get or where to get it or which on is the cheapest, also, any android mp3 player suggestions? Capacitive touchscreen, 2.3(froyo) or above, front and back camera, sd card slot, wifi, bluetooth, 8gb or more built in. Thanks please help!:)

dknol answers:

Samsung is marketing this product as the “Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0” in some European, UK, and Asian markets but as the “Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0” in others. In the US, Samsung aborted the launch of a “Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0” in May 2011 after both and even briefly had these products posted as “coming soon” with a price of $239 for the 4.0 model and $269 for the 5.0. The YP-G* model numbers below tend to be more stable than the product names:

Galaxy Player 50 (YP-G50) (NOTE: This is an older model with a < 4" screen)
Galaxy Player 4.0/Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (YP-G1) (4" screen)
Galaxy Player 5.0/Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 (YP-G70) (5" screen. Also has camera flash)

The following UK sites are a good reference for product specs and you can even download the user manuals if you click on the "support" tab on the upper half of the page:

4" model:

5" model with camera flash:

It's hard to find, but this page has a PDF user manual for the 4" model:
Also on is this site with an add for the Galaxy Player at the top of the page, but I'm not sure whether this page is fully supported:

Samsung is being sued by Apple , so this may be contributing to the US product launch delay. The problem for consumers is that Samsung is not good about communicating with customers regarding product launch details. If this were Apple, Steve Jobs would have been grooming the press releases with a showman's flare, but Samsung does not have an iconic figure to hawk its wares.

Bottom line, the 4" and 5" models' hardware combination (stereo speakers, GPS, phone friendly ear speaker for VOIP apps, much better back camera, vibration feedback for gaming and silent alarms, expandable memory, self-replaceable battery, etc.) trounces the iPod Touch 4th Generation (although the iPod's screen resolution is higher). Sadly, the US market must simply wait for Samsung to get its marketing act together and let us know what is going on with this exciting new line of Android-based personal media players.

John asks…

I need a new phone with these features… any ideas?

Okay, i wanna get a new mobile phone soon with these features:
– bluetooth
MP3 player
– FM Radio
– At least 2mp camera (pref. with flash)
– Java
– Colour display

(pref. GPRS and 3G)

yh… im not fussy XD
please help cos the most i can spend is £100!!

btw i live in the UK so need sumthin available here

dknol answers:

Here try this site, im sure it will help you find what your looking for. Jus tik and untik ur peferences

Sandra asks…

i need help with buying a new phone?

i have an iphone but i am selling it as my texts never come looking for another phone but not sure what to get, im looking for one that has a decent camera, mp3 player, decent storage and preferably with built in wifi
im looking to spend around 200 for it
any ideas?
i should point out that im not in ameica we dont have free phone or AT&T
and im not interested in a contract

dknol answers:

Looking at new phones for ATT and T-Mobile (unlocked) 200 will get you a Free Nokia New.. If you would like to you can shop around on eBay or Craigslist i found my New T-Mobile G1 for 215 On eBay, once you search there you should be able to find what you want in your price range.

Mandy asks…

iPhone battery life is going to suck, any objections?

I bought an LG VX8700 from Verizon just yesterday and on a full charge, the battery can last only a day with EVDO enabled (and with barely any talktime used). The iPhone is going to have all the perks of my phone and it will have WiFi access. Needless to say, the battery isn't going to last a long time. I thought the iPhone was a cool concept, but just pointless since you can get a better voice phone, a better MP3 player, a better camera for the price you pay for an iPhone.

dknol answers:

I agree with you, The battery life is going to SUCK, The back light is going to drain it fast and doing other stuff like listening to MP3's Videos, Photos, and other MISC things the battery can last about 10 hours or maybe less. Everything that the IPhone is required to do runs on the battery, So the Iphone isn't going to be great plus you cannot change the battery on this, you'd have to send it in to apple so they can replace the battery which is really going to suck unlike a regular cell phone where you can buy a replacement battery at the store.

Lizzie asks…

Looking for cheap Android tablet,Iphone,Ipod touch,or Kindle Fire?

First off I want to know which of these iis the cheapest. I'm on verizon and I'm looking for one with my birthday money. I would like to be $100 or less and either brand new or like new. I will need the charger and the device and that is about it. I want the features to have wifi,apps,gps,if it has a camera 2 megspixels or more, I dont care if it does have a camera, mp3 player,and facebook. I would like the color to be white but I really dont care because I can buy a case. List below some good ones for me that are under $100. Thank you!

dknol answers:

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