Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Linda asks…

Best wifi enabled mp3 player?

I am looking to buy an mp3 player (or mobile phone with lots of memory) which has wireless internet access. It doesn't have to be immedietely (ie it could not be out yet, or even for 6 months or so), but I don't want an iPhone or iPod touch (too expensive) and was just wondering if there are any alternatives? Thanks
I have just looked on wikipedia, and there are a bunch of alternatives to the ipod touch – sansa connect, cowon, archos, ibiza rhapsody… so please no more “There are none” answers!

dknol answers:

Unfortunately, as of right now, there's really no alternative to the iPod Touch. You can find deals on refurbished ones and try to find a cheaper one on eBay, craigslist, etc.

Maria asks…

phones with wifi, cam.mp3 etc URGENT!?

i just sold my iphone as it wasn't working very well, i have had 2 Iphones both not went well so looking for something else, i need a phone with a decent camera, and mp3 player, internet and preferably wifi..the price is not an issue, i am in britain so please no American phones/networks, also i have no desire to get a contract phone, i will be buying whatever phone i chose on the next 20 mins so whatever phone i choose gets best answer

dknol answers:

The samsung pixon 12
the sony ericsson w995
htc hero
htc magic
t mobile g1
samsung tocco ultra

all these phonea are good, 3 or more mp, wifi, and mp3 players

Michael asks…

Why don't people have zunes mp3 players instead of ipods?

I have an ipod but i was just looking at the zune website… and it actually looked pretty cool. There is this 120 gb zune that had wifi, wireless syncing and sharing, landscape mode, TOUCH SCREEN, custom backgrounds, wireless mp3 shop, and so much more for just over 200 dollars. I know that it is only compatible with windows but why isn't zune the main provider of mp3 devices.

dknol answers:

No idea. I have a Zune and love it.

Sandra asks…

I need a cheap MP3 player with at least 4 gigs, a web browser wifi and avi video capability. What can I buy?

I'm not buying an ipod touch when it has like 4 more gigs of memory I'm not even gonna use.

dknol answers:

I was just googling and came across this product hope it helps you

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB Video MP3 Player
*Listen, watch, and play all day with 24 hours of battery life and room for up to 2,000 songs
*Watch your favorite video clips or share your photos on the 1.9-inch color screen
*Digital FM radio with 40 preset stations
*Voice recording with built-in microphone
*Expand your existing 8 GB memory with the microSD/microSDHC slot

George asks…

does anyone know a good mp3/4 player with wifi not the ipod touch though would be gd if it had touch screen!?

if you do then the first gd answer with a few ideas get 10points

dknol answers:

My best guess is Zune?

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