Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Chris asks…

A Cheap MP3 with Wifi?

What is a good MP3 player that has wifi?

Notes: Cheap
Optional: Access to android market

dknol answers:


I can't guarantee it's cheap, but it's got the features you want.
There really is no such thing as a cheap, good wi-fi capable mp3 player.

Lisa asks…

can you listen to radio stations over wifi on an mp3 player with radio feature? read on?

it does sound confusing but there is a radio station which is based in manchester and i live miles out although you can listen to it over the internet. so can i listen to that on my wifi enabled decive over wifi

dknol answers:

Ok well when you are listening to a radio station over the internet, the device's ability to play radio stations is actually not operational here. So the Q is really can you listen to your station over the internet.. And well depending upon what kind of technology they use on the station's web page, you may or may not be able to. You prob can though.

Paul asks…

MP3 Player with touchscreen,internet/wifi,and camera?EASY 10 POINTS!!!!?

PLEASE DO NOT SAY IPOD TOUCH OR I WILL DELETE UR ANSWER!!!!i dont anything that is an ipod bcuz they r so overated.Anyways just list mp3 players with a touchscreen,internet/wifi,and a camera and or video camera!!!!Thank you

dknol answers:

Zune HD. You can also browse walmart or best buy.

John asks…

3G/HSDPA PDA Phone with GPS/Wifi/HSDPA, MP3 Player/Camera/FM Radio?

is there a 3G/HSDPA PDA Phone currently available with a builtin GPS receiver, WiFi, FM Radio and camera that can also serve as an MP3/MP4 player like an IPOD?

dknol answers:

Check the Dopod 810 or Dopod 838 Pro (no radio). Also the Nokira N80 IE, though this doesnt come with GPS, in theory. You can attach GPS receivers to most PDAs so long as Bluetooth is provided.

Maria asks…

Which is better PSP or Ipod touch? Looking for an MP3 player with the ability to get wifi for free. ?

How do you type text on the PSP?

dknol answers:

IPod touch bud.

Wifi Capability good ol Mp3 ect. A few games as well.

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