Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Daniel asks…

Do you know any Mp3 players with wifi?

Except for iPods and Samsung Galaxy's?

dknol answers:

Archos 604 WiFi
Archos 605 WiFi
Archos 705 WiFi
Cowon Q5W

* A word about the Archos – each model I wrote down has a non WiFi (cheaper) version – so “Archos 604” is not the same as “Archos 604 WiFi” etc.

Donna asks…

MP3 Players or PMP's with WiFi and and Internet browser?

Can someone give me good suggestions for one? I already have the iPod touch 4th gen (don't really like it). I like the UI of the zune HD, but the browser is way too slow.

dknol answers:

I would recommend the creative zen touch:

The ipod is over-rated (as you apparently found out yourself).. The zen touch is a full featured android touch device that supports all the same features for half the price, and the browser is much better then the zune.
Considering it's not just an mp3/video player/web station, but also can run thousands of android apps, your getting much more for your money.

Maria asks…

is there a mp3 player with wifi. so i could use youtube, besides the ipod touch.?

can it be less then $150. thnkxxxxx soo much!!! and can u tell me wht store i could buy it at?!!! thnkxx again

dknol answers:

The only one i could find is the Zune HD which is $219.00

Richard asks…

Is there an mp3 player that has wifi (web browsing)???

i know that the itouch does!!! please tell me other mp3 players with that feature and where to get them????
is there an itouch clone(fake) that has wifi??? please tell where i can get it!!!

dknol answers:

Archos 604 and 605 but you need to pay 20 on top of the device to get the opera browser and flash to browse the net. It uses Opera based browser. Both are 4in touch screen devices with a decent amount of audio and video codec support. The 605 is a much better device as it comes with better sound and screen quality. The 605 comes in 4gb flash with an SD card slot, 30gb model, 80gb model and 160gb hd models.

Cowon Q5. A 5in touch screen device that is running a windows ce based device. Has a lot of codec support, and also has gps as an option. It comes in 30gb, 60gb and now 80gb models. The sound quality is great for a video oriented device(and to most hands down better than the ipod any model).

You can get these easily of Amazon, or ebay.

Then there is this. Http:// only down side it the fact that it is hard to find. Actually there are many Korean mp3 players with wifi out on the market, but it just that it is hard to purchase state side.

Susan asks…

Are there any other MP3 player that have wifi other then Ipod touch and Iphone?

im looking for something to use wireless wifi with…..any suggestions

dknol answers:

Yes their are, but it should be noted the other wifi MP3 players do not come with a browser on it like the iPod touch and iPhone do. Some can wirelessly sync (zune), while others can purchase music from anywhere within a WiFi network (sansa connect). If you want to surf the web, you choice is limited to the iPhone and touch. If you would like to sync or purchase music wirelessly you have a wider range of options.

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