Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Helen asks…

best mp3 player with wifi?

i am looking into buying an mp3 player. i want something with wifi – is the ipod touch my best bet? is there anything else out there that i'm unaware of? thanks.

dknol answers:

Ipod is your best bet. Any other mp3 with wifi wont allow you to surf the realy web like the ipod. Plus you can download applications which u cant do on any other mp3.

Mary asks…

is there a touchscreen mp3 player with a camera and wifi answer even if you dont know?

i found a touchscreen mp3 player wiht 2 megapixle camera and the itouch has wifi
im willing to spend 200 bucks or a little more not over 20
is there one with both?
btw can you use all the features of the iphone besides phone and text without activating?

dknol answers:

Well, an iPhone without phone is basically an iPod Touch. They don't have a camera, but they do have wifi. There is no touch screen mp3 that I know of that has a camera and wifi. Buying an unlocked iPhone will cost you a freaking fortune, too. As cell phone owners know, the carrier likes to make sure they lock you down for as long as possible.

Maria asks…

Mp3 player with 3 gigs wifi and web browser that will play videos under 100 dollars?

Is there an MP3 player I can buy with 3 gigs, wifi, a web browser that can play youtube videos that is under one hundred dollars?

dknol answers:

I think there are only 3 devices that have wifi, which are iPod touch, Zune, and Samsung Galaxy player. None of these are under 100 dollars. You have got to be kidding me.

Sandra asks…

3G/HSDPA PDA Phone with GPS,Wifi, MP3 Player/Camera/FM Radio?

is there a 3G/HSDPA PDA Phone currently available with a builtin GPS receiver, WiFi, FM Radio and camera that can also serve as an MP3/MP4 player like an IPOD?

dknol answers:

Check the Dopod 810 or Dopod 838 Pro (no radio). Also the Nokira N80 IE, though this doesnt come with GPS, in theory. You can attach GPS receivers to most PDAs so long as Bluetooth is provided.

Richard asks…

Phone with QWERTY ,WIFI,MP3 PLAYER & BLUTOOTH dat can be use in Philippines and U.A.E…help me plss?

Phone with QWERTY ,WIFI(if there is),MP3 PLAYER & BLUTOOTH dat looks like lg voyager or pantech duo dat runs in symbian and can be use in Philippines and in U.A.E…help me poor in phones.
Phone with QWERTY ,WIFI(optional),CAMERA,MP3 PLAYER & BLUTOOTH and has a GOOD BATTERY LIFE that looks like lg voyager or pantech duo dat can be use in Philippines and in U.A.E..(not nokia,blackberry or iphone pls,everybodies using it now)…help me poor in phones.

dknol answers:

Nokia E-90 communicator

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