Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Donna asks…

I need a mp3 player with wifi?

I need a mp3 player with wifi do you know where i can get one and how much??

dknol answers:

An ipod touch has wifi, and its $250-$400. I really like them, their the best ipod. They are not cheap, but they have GREAT quality for the money you pay. Worth it 100%

Thomas asks…

NEED HELP! Whats the best mp3 player with wifi?

I DON'T want an iPod touch I just sold mine, but I want a mp3 player with wifi, so i can access the internet. What mp3 should I look at? Sony? Samsung? WHAT? Please Help

dknol answers:

I was about the say the touch, but im surprised to hear that you sold it! (because its great and easy)

BUT i definitely recommend a PSP.

It has free internet, and you can buy keyboards for them for easier typing.
You can easilly save all images to your memory card, and many videos (very few actually play back on your psp when downloaded) but its also very easy to take files on your psp and put them on your computer.

And you can also listen to music with it, BUT its not really the best as far ass sleekness, and simple portability.

Jenny asks…

What is a good MP3 player, preferably with Wifi?

I already know about the iTouch and Zune HD… The iTouch is too mainstream for me, and I don't especially care for the sound quality / UI of the HD.


(Oh… and something that is not hundreds of dollars.. like the Sony Walkman X series)

dknol answers:

Elf III, 8gig Ipod, Nano style player, cheap.

Paul asks…

What are some popular mp3 players in Japan?

I´m not a fan of the ipod, and I´ve been a Creative supporter for years. However, since Creative is dragging their feet with offering FULL WiFi capabilities on their players, I´m doing some shopping around. I´m considering the European Viliv, which appears pretty awesome. But since Japan is always brewing up delicious gadgets, I was wondering if anyone knew what mp3 players are popular in Asia right now.

Thanks in advance!

dknol answers:

The best mp3 players from Japan are from Sony & Panasonic. These are popular as they are a lot cheaper than the iPod and can do as much but don't have the buzz of Apple. There are so many to choose from so I won't list them all but check out their products.

Maria asks…

Best mp3 player with wifi?

What is the best mp3 player with wifi that has at least 32gb or 64gb of storage.I hold lots of videos and mp3‘s on mine so it has to have a lot of storage. If you say an ipod touch where can I get one that isnt 300 bucks!

dknol answers:

Ipod touch


all under 300

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