Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Jenny asks…

Do you think I will have problems with my droid battery life if I start using it as an mp3 player?

Meaning If I use this as an mp3 player and stop using a seperate mp3 player. I am getting a droid tomorrow.

dknol answers:

Your question is not very clear, however- in general- if you are using a droid tablet as an mp3/4 player you can extend the battery life between charges if you:
* turn the WiFi option off.
* let the screen go “into sleep” a few seconds after use (instead of a minute or never).
* manage your playlist correctly so you wouldn't have to “weak up” the screen very often.

William asks…

What is the best quality mp3 player > 60GB?

I'm looking for an mp3 player with more storage than my current 32GB iPod 5th gen. I'm looking for the best mp3 player with storage >60GB. The iPod Touch 64GB currently has my attention. Is there a better mp3 player out there as far as sound quality compared to the Apple offerings? Or is an Apple iPod really the only way to go as far as mp3 players?

dknol answers:

Apple makes good players, but their prices are higher then others (even comparing to the other “premium” players)….

Here are a few options other then Apple:
Zune HD (by Microsoft) the 64 GB is sold between 250-350 $
Archos 605 WiFi 80 GB is sold around 105 $ (old model)
Archos 504 80 GB can be found around 200 $

And of course you can buy a used/older model of ipod.

Daniel asks…

what other mp3 player can have more or less the same wifi capabilities as ipod?

I am trying to find an mp3 player that can connect to the web like ipod (youtube, maps, email, etc.) using wifi or other connection means. I don't like ipod because i don't want to be limited to itunes as software. And also i'm trying to find something cheaper

dknol answers:

Archos 605 wifi. You can one with 4gb of space and SD card slot. 30gb model, 60gb model(in Europe), 80gb model and 160gb model. It has a 4in touch screen with buttons. It has wifi, and uses opera. But you need to pay 30us for the opera and flash plugin. You can get the 30gb and 4gb model for under $300 and if lucky 180 for the 4gb. There is also the older 604wifi, with same specs except no 4gb, and 160gb model. The only disadvantage is the sound isn't as good as the newer model.

There other options, but most of them are korean devices that require importing, which may cost some coin.

Mark asks…

What mp3 player do you recommend I buy?

I'd like to get an MP3 player with huge capacity (60 or 80GB) as a backup hard drive, that plays various file formats, including video, and will play Apple Itunes files as well as other file types. I don't mind paying, but I'd like to know which ones are the best combination of large storage, durability, and ease of use.

Will an Apple IPod also play Mp3 files that I downloaded/ripped off my CDs? Will it require me to import them into the itunes directory (where it reorganizes and messes up the file organization I have)? If it will, what should I get instead?

dknol answers:

From the sounds of it, only an iPod will do for you, as you want to continue using iTunes. This is understandable if you have already converted all of your CD's through iTunes. IPod's are the only mp3 playing product that uses iTunes, and therefore if you wish to continue using iTunes, you have to do so with an iPod.
On the iPod subject, you can burn any CD to iPod through iTunes, very simply!
About the competition, if size is what you are looking for, then maybe a simple mp3 player isn't what you are after? There are a number of quality PMP products out there that would most likely suit you better. Take for example the Archos 504. It has a hard drive capacity of 160Gb, has a 4.3″TFT screen, can play movies, music, photos, storage etc. And can record direct from the tv!!!
This could be the best PMA available, but there are other contenders to consider. The Creative Zen Vision W comes with a hard drive up to 60Gb, and has similar functionality as the Archos, without the ability to plug in to the tv and record. There are loads to choose from…iubi Blue…Cowan I-Audio… Not forgetting iPod-alikes by Creative – the Zen Vision M. I wouldn't go for Sony, as they insist on making you convert your music over to some strange file format that only the Sony can play, plus you won't find a decent one with size, and colour screen. I would go for an Archos – there are loads to choose from including one with a 7″ screen and bult in DVB receiver, to smaller ones with Wifi, and cameras built in! They make PMP's for all tasks!

Laura asks…

Can you use the internet without a wifi connection on an android mp3 player?

I was wondering if you can connect to the internet without an wi-fi connection (like roaming internet) on such devises as Sumsung Galaxy mp3 player and Sony android mp3 player.

My initial thought was you can't but am unsure.

dknol answers:

No you cannot

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