Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

James asks…

I just purchase a sansa mp3 player, this is my first mp3 player and I need advice.?

I got this snasa connect wifi mp3 player with 4gb for my son, it says it is optimized for yahoo, but yahoo droped sandisk, so now I have nowhere to download music or videos, I tried I tunes, and I have a windows media player but I can't seem to download it dosen't seem to be compatible. I went to the sansa or sandisk website and on their message board there was talk of a class action lawsuit because the wifi is of no use now that it has been dropped by yahoo and they don't offer any alternatives. my question should I take it back for a refund and get another one? if so which mp3 player would be a good one to get. if not, are there any website where I can download music with this player I don't mind paying for the music download. it says download music using a wifi hotspot? this is all new to me so I hope someone can help me out and lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I want something that plays music and videos.
I also want something that is compatible at more than one music website.

dknol answers:

I have a philips 1gb mp3 and it holds a lot of songs on it and also you can get free downloads at spiral frog .com just download their soft ware and download but, it downloads in the media player and if your mp3 is not compatible then i would take that one back and get the philips it is compatible with windows media the 1 gb holds a lot and of course you can change the songs if you get bored with them.

Ken asks…

looking for an mp3 with wifi?

My ipod 5th gen gave out on me recently after a solid 1.5 years of use. It apparently is corrupted. Ive tried every tip on the internet, nothing has worked. And apples repair service doesnt even give the option of fixing the problem. And its impossible to talk to a real apple employee. So, i am turned off of apple forever. I am looking to buy a new mp3 player, but not an ipod. What i am looking for is an mp3 with wi-fi that is not the ipod touch. Does this exist, and where can i buy one???
full internet browsing

dknol answers:

Nokia N800 i think. This is a really good device. But its not just mp3 player. Its the smallest notebook i have seen maybe, which can slide in your pocket. But, the sound quality is amazing and it has wifi and web browsing as well.
Hope this solves your problem.

Richard asks…

Ipod Touch vs Other MP3 Players?

So im thinking about getting a music player for myself for my birthday and i want a really advanced one with more features than just playing music, viewing pictures and others
I want for it to:
1. Play music….obviously
2. Have good audio quality
3. Be able to watch videos AND movies
4. Have about 4-8 GB of memory
The thing i like about the Ipod touch is the WIFI and of course the fun touch screens but it is a bit too pricey but if its worth the money, im willing to ask my parents and put a bit of my money in.
If there are other MP3 players or music players that can match up to the Ipod Touch that are available in the US, please recommend them to me with the price ranges
Thanks for the help~
ive been researching the Archos 605 WiFi 30GB
but its also the same price as the Ipod Touch except that on Archos i would have to buy the web browser plug in for 30 more dollars
my other question would now come to
are the prices going to drop any time before Christmas or at least until New Years?

dknol answers:

Get an ipod nano

Mary asks…

i really need help with MP3 players!?

i want a mp3 player but i dont have a laptop/pc i have wifi tho… and you know that ipod has itunes and you can download music from there is there another type of mp3 player that had this sort of app? i dont want to spend nearly £200 on a ipod cos i wont use all of its functions! can you do this on emusic on the samsung galaxy 50? help please :)

dknol answers:

How do you have wifi if you don't have a PC or laptop?

Either way, there's really little point to getting an MP3 player. A growing number of cellphones – including those that are NOT smartphones – can play music in mp3, aac or other formats; some will play video. You can insert and format a microSD card on your phone, then put music on it and that will be on the phone.

Sandy asks…

Should I get a Samung Galaxy S WiFi if I already have an Android phone?

I was going to get a Samung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 (The new Samsung MP3 Player with Android), but I already have an Android smartphone (HTC Wildfire S), so I was wondering if there's any point getting one, or if I should just get an iPod touch instead.

dknol answers:

I would get an ipod because then you can have an apple operating system and a android being that the apple marketplace has some apps that the android dont and the android market has some apps that apple dont so you can get the best of both worlds i two have a android powered smart phone (HTC EVO) and i also purchased a apple ipod 4th gen just so i can access some games such as office zombie which is from the makers of office jerk and they haven't made that available for droid yet

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