Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

Paul asks…

Is there any mp3 player(pc/mac) that is not an ipod can work with iTunes?

dknol answers:

No. Ipods are the only compatible mp3 player with iTunes.

Richard asks…


ok so im getting the creative zen mozaic mp3 player. i wuz wunderin if mp3 works with itunes? can you download and buy movies and music? if not, what websites are there that u can?

dknol answers:

Basically, when you buy music from iTunes, it comes with a copyright protection called DRM. These DRM-protected songs are locked so that they only work with Apple MP3 players. That means that if you bought a Microsoft Zune, you cannot use iTunes music.

So, what is the solution? You have to burn a CD. When you do this, the DRM is removed (because the music is converted to a non-DRM-compatible media). After you burn the CD, you can rip it to your PC as an MP3 file which no longer has DRM.

Alternatively, you can use TuneClone ( ). TuneClone makes a virtual CD-ROM drive, tricking your PC into believing that you are burning a CD. Therefore, the DRM is removed without wasting a CD.

Here is a link to a tutorial using TuneClone and iTunes 8:

Mandy asks…

How do i sync my sony walkman mp3 player with the itunes agent?

I've heard about this program so i downloaded and installed it onto my computer. I've plugged in my mp3 player (sony walkman NWZE436F) and opened the program in itunes…which works. but now i have NO clue how to sync my mp3…or even get the agent to recognize it..HELP! haha what do i do?!

if i could get an answer fairly quickly that‘d be fantastic! thank you!!

dknol answers:

The music you download from iTunes is drm protected. In order to play it on non-apple mp3/mp4 players, you need to remove the drm and convert the protected music to drm free mp3 format. The easiest way is to burn an audio cd in itunes and rip it back as mp3 format. Or you can get some software to help you.

I would recommend you check out this full DRM removal software review in the first place:

George asks…

Can you put iTUNES songs on other Mp3 players that are not iPods???

i just got a phillips mp3 player, an dim trying to figure out if it works. whats up with those itunes songs? they're like protected mp4 files that cant be put on anything put ipods. any way i can change this? thanks

i have an ipod nano first generation so i have tons of songs i've gotten from itunes and i really want to put them on my phillips player!

dknol answers:

I wasn't able to get any of the free converter websites to properly convert my itunes files, but I was able to burn them to an audio cd with itunes and then rip them back onto my computer with Windows Media Player. Then I was able to use them on my mp3 player.

Sandy asks…

Will Sony ericsson w880i phone & mp3 player work on a mac?

I already have tons of music on iTunes – will it work with that? Or will it clash??

dknol answers:


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