Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

Jenny asks…

Is there any mp3 player that works with itunes other than ipods?

I broke my ipod touch and i'm getting ready to go on a trip and really want music but can't afford to buy a new ipod now. is there a cheaper mp3 alternative that works with itunes?

dknol answers:

There WERE, but they got discontinued so even if you have one at home- it won't work with the new version of iTunes….. (a few models of Nomad by Creative, Rio by SONICBlue/S3, and a few others).

Get a used or refurbish ipod – I got a used ipod touch about two years ago, and it was a great buy! (still alive and kicking)
For example:
iPod classic 80 GB (6th Generation) – for about $100
iPod 30 GB Video (5th Generation) – for about $70
iPod 30 GB video (5.5 Generation) – for about $75
iPod touch 16 GB (2nd Generation) – for about $105

Mandy asks…

Mp3 player crashed and all sd memory cards with it as well as itunes dont work?

My mp3 player was connected to the computer because it had a few pics i needed on it to put on the sd card. the player crashes for some reason. now all the memory cards only show shortcuts to what was on the mp3 player, but none have any files whatsoever. also itunes keeps crashing too. how can i fix it so that at least the sd cards work? is there any way of restoring them? they still work when inside a camera, just not on the computer.

dknol answers:

Sounds like theres a problem with your computer. Try using another computer.

Michael asks…

How do I get my Sansa e200 MP3 player to work in sync with my iTunes? Or is that not possible?

dknol answers:

ITunes is only able to work with Apple products like the iPod or Apple TV. There are ways around it but they are not sanctioned by Apple in any way.

Helen asks…

Will iTunes work with an MP3 player?

hi, im thinking about getting an mp3 player, because ipods are quite pricey and all.
i have itunes, and i dont buy from the itunes store, i download them in MP3 format. (only mp3 format)
and i heard that you can copy + paste the song into your music file and then drag + drop it onto your mp3. so would that work?
please answer!
thanks! <3
thats the mp3 player im getting

dknol answers:

Yep it woks or just go to the original folder that has the songs and move them. Either way it'll work

Daniel asks…

Please help me decide which item to get an Mp3 player or an Ipod?

My computer already has Itunes on it and heard that Itunes are not compatible with Mp3 players. I also heard that an Mp3 player is a lot more cheaper then an Ipod. I was thinking of getting the Sandisk Sansa M230. Does this model of Mp3 player works with Itunes?

dknol answers:

No. It will not work with iTunes.

Only iPods will work with iTunes.

I recommend the iPod Video.

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