Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

Donald asks…

How do you make iTunes M4P files into MP3 files that work on any MP3 Player?

I downloaded a few songs from iTunes. How can i make them work with a normal MP3 Player? Also, will the album artwork go with them?

dknol answers:

Once you connect your MP3 player onto your computer just drag the Itunes song into the folder for the MP3, but the album artwork won't go with it.

Ruth asks…

Can I make iTunes songs work with an off-brand MP3 player?

After using iTunes cards to purchase songs for quite a while now, I came to realize that they are formatted differently and they will not work on “other” MP3 players (besides iPods). Is there anyway to re-format those songs on my computer to download them to MP3 player?

dknol answers:

As the music in iTunes is encrypted with DRM, you cannot directly put it on any non-Apple MP3 player. The easiest way is to burn the music to an audio CD and then rip it back to Windows Media Player or a similar program as an MP3. Or you can get some software to help you. I use TuneClone to do this. Though not free, it is very well worth a try.

Below is its step by step tutorial about how to get iTunes 8 music converted to MP3:

Shoot me an email or search answers from if you are still having questions.

Donna asks…

Does itunes work with ANY type of Mp3 player?

I used to have an ipod but that got damaged and sadly I cant get the rfund since the warranty is expired:(
However I heard so many good reviews about the Sony mp3 walkman player and was planning to get that.( Anyone with the sony mp3 care to share about your experience with it?)

Well My question is: Will itunes work with this mp3 player? what about the charger? do I have to get a new one? I don't know much about this but I think that I have to get a new charger, i don't think the Sony mp3 will work with the ipod charger I still have.
If itunes doesn't work then what do I use to download my songs/videos/etc to the sony Mp3?

(I'm assuming most or all mp3 players will be similar whether they use itunes or not but not sure)
Just want to say THANKS so much to all answerers! If I could.I'd really like to choose all of you. thanks again all answers helped xx

dknol answers:

No, itunes transfers music to Apple products. But you can go to your library, click on a song, hold shift and click on the last song of your library or make a playlist and copy that and then paste it into a folder on your harddrive/desktop and drag the music from there into the mp3's folder. There should be a charger included with the mp3 player. The sony walkman will have its own way to have music synced onto it and instructions should be included. You can google up instructions on working the specific sony walkman player you are referring to btw.

Sharon asks…

Decent MP3 players that use iTunes?

So my iPod is definitely on its last legs. And honestly I'm thinking I could replace it or just go with another MP3 player.

Anyone know of any decent, fairly simple MP3 players that can work with iTunes? Money's not a huge issue, but I'm not looking to blow my whole paycheck either.

dknol answers:

Only iPods are compatible with iTunes.

Sandy asks…

how to get itunes to work with any mp3 player like sony walkman.?

hi there! I have a sony walkman nwz-a728. It kicks ass as an mp3 player and vdo player. pix are awesome. it has 1 downside. sony doesn't have a media manager. wmp11 doesn't have podcast. is there something i can download to make my sony work with itunes or is there something i can download so that wmp11 can podcast. thanks =)

dknol answers:

Songs bought from online stores like itunes may have DRM protection, therefore, in order to enjoy them on mp3 players, you need a special program to help you convert the protected music files to mp3 format. I just came across a tool called TuneClone Audio Converter and found it very powerful yet easy to use. It can do the trick. Below is its step by step user guide you can refer to:

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