Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

Sandra asks…

Is it possible to Connect an mp3 player to itunes?

Is it possible to Connect an mp3 player to itunes? And then buy the music from itunes and put it on it. And if yes how? ANd if no, What other Program do i have to use?

dknol answers:

No, its not. Itunes sells music in a different format – not mp3. If you want, you can buy music off itunes and probably find a program to convert it. Youre better off buying music off an mp3 site, like or, then putting it straight on – its often cheaper, and less effort.

Or, you could buy an iPod, which would obviously be compatable with itunes.

Jenny asks…

How to put music onto my mp3 player with itunes?

I already downloaded itunes to my computer but i cant figure out how to get music on to my mp3 player with it.

dknol answers:

Why would you use iTunes to put music onto an MP3 player?

ITunes is used to put music on an iPod. An iPod only.

Sandy asks…

How to download music off of my mp3 player onto itunes so I can download them onto my Ipod Touch?

Okay, so I'm leaving for vacation in and hour and I have no songs on my ipod touch ( somehow they got deleted ), but I do have all of my favorite songs on my Mp3 player. So I need help on how to take the songs off of my Mp3 player, put them on my itunes playlist's, and then download them onto my Ipod touch.

dknol answers:

Ok, plug in your mp3, copy all music to your music folder(on your hard drive), select all the music you want from the music folder, A d drag it into iTunes, then sync music with itouch

James asks…

How do I transfer songs from my sansa mp3 to my itunes library?

I recently got an ipod and I have no idea how to transfer songs from my other mp3 player to itunes library. How do I do it?
I tried dragging and dropping it's not working

dknol answers:

Drag and drop the files into itunes and it will convert them for you.

Laura asks…

Can you download songs from iTunes to any mp3 player?

Okay, so I downloaded iTunes and everything and I even bought some songs, only to find out that I either have no idea how to download them to my mp3 player or iTunes is really stupid and won't work for anything but ipods.
So my question is, can I download them to my mp3 player, if so, how? and if not, can I get my money back???
I have a sansa 2gb mp3 player.

dknol answers:

It is possible, but takes a LOT of work and money. What your going to have to do is to buy a bunch of blank cd's (depending on how many songs that you downloaded). Each cd can hold about 15 songs. So do the math yourself. Then, you'll have to burn all of your songs on to the cds from iTunes. After that, you'll have to import all of the songs into Windows Media Player. Then you can sync the MP3 player to Windows Media Player. HOWEVER, I am pretty sure that doing that is illegal. So your pretty much screwed, unless you want to break the law.

UPDATE: Also, no you can not get a refund on your music if you bought it from iTunes. You will never get a refund, either.

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