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Mandy asks…

Looking for customer reviews for Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player?

Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player

dknol answers:

5.0 out of 5 stars A great player, easy to use, September 15, 2009
By Pastor Joubert III (New hampshire, USA)

This is the best, its a feature packed and easy to use mp3 player. With one press you music is shuffled and played. You can wirelessly stream you library over wi-fi, TV out at 720P, and the most beautiful and responsive user interface/ operating system on an MP3/ PMP, easily outshining the the Ipod touch in all but application availability, but more apps are coming soon and fast.

Then the Zune software. Not only is it the most beautiful music manager i have seen but it also is also the easiest. Organizing Meta data is the easiest its every been, easier that I tunes. Discovering new music has never been easier with the zine pass, download unlimited songs from the Zune markets place and keep 10 of your choosing at the end of each month. Its like buying a CD every month and getting everything else for free. This is not music renting, you can listen to the songs all you want as long as you are subscribed, and special “channels” designed to mimic your music tastes and introduce you to new music will be made, these are playlists that change weekly with new and undiscovered content that you may enjoy all you want, and with wireless sync you can sync these lists from your Zune dock in your room even if your PC in in another room. Zune is a fantastic replacement for Ipod, i see no reason not to switch, other than you have a ton of music from Itunes.

Donald asks…

What do you think about a Emerson MP3 player?

Well Im looking for some kind of music player so what are your reviews of the Emerson mp3 player? Or should I go with the Ematic Mp3 palyer or the ipod Nano?

dknol answers:

I have an Emerson Mp3 player and it's AWESOME!!!!

Mary asks…

What does the option cue/review do on my mp3 player?

This is what it says when i look it up in the help menu from my mp3 player's installation disk. The cue/review option is on my mp3 player when i got to the settings.

Sets whether you can use the Scroller to cue or review.

dknol answers:

You can “cue”(pick) the next song that will play or “review”(hear the music as you fast forward or rewind)

Helen asks…

MP3 player review website?

I can't decide what MP3 player to buy. Can someone tell me a good review website for an MP3 player.

Was thinking of buying a Creative Vision M or an ipod 30gb, but open to others

dknol answers: has excellent reviews. You can also check out for reviews of each MP3 player: they're usually pretty good and accurate.

Linda asks…

How many songs can the Samsung Nexus 50 XM Radio and Portable MP3 player hold?

I don't really want it for the radio….I want a good mp3 player that can hold about 1500-2000 songs. Mine is dying, and I have a Creative Zen Micro (i do NOT reccommend buying it!) Any reviews about this mp3 player would be great!

dknol answers:

When it comes to mp3's the higher the Bit Rate the better quality the song is. The downside of that is each song takes up more room on a player. The standard Bit Rate is 128 and is around 4MB, higher bit rate song is 6-8MB. So you have to be very careful when reading how many songs a player will hold.

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