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Maria asks…

Mp3 players explained and reviewed?

I am going to Cambodia and want to liston to talking books. I am computer literate but not very good with technology.I use a Nokia but cant fathom a Sony Ericson.
I want to plug it in a wall as well as a computer, good battery and I suppose have videos ( only just found out they do these. In fact until yesterday I didnt know what a MP3 was ! ) Is the voice recording asset a dictophone? Should I get one with a video or will that make it too complicated.
I am frightened of spending too much and it bein g too complicated or too cheap and it being useless. I have blue tooth ear phones and cameras I cant use and sit on a shelf.

dknol answers:

The best MP3 player is the Sandisk Sansa Fuze. It comes in a 4GB and 8GB version, has a voice recorder, music, video, radio. I think its 90 dollars…its a very good deal

Charles asks…

Are the Sandisk MP3 players any good?

I've read some good reviews but I need some extra reassurance. Are they easy to use, relaiable?

dknol answers:

I've seen the 1gb Sandisk players for as cheap as $39. For about forty bucks how can you go wrong. As long as it works and you like the color.

Chris asks…

What would be a good mp3 player that isn't an ipod?

For christmas im gettin an mp3 player but i dont really want the ipod touch but the mp3 players ive seen have bad reviews
any suggestions on what brand or model number are appreciated
also i not a zune fan

dknol answers:

Zune 120 GB it has wireless sync , a radio and Just had a price drop.

Carol asks…

Looking for customer reviews for Coby MP305-4G MP3 Player?

Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Coby MP305-4G MP3 Player

dknol answers:

45 of 47 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars very good for the price! (DEAD after 3 months), August 7, 2008
By B. Lee (Orange Co. CA)

This little thing does everything it's supposed to. It's easy to load with music via drag & drop. I found the easiest way to transfer music was to leave it in MTP mode, format the drive, and just drag and drop my music onto it. There are some files on it from the factory, some podcast program also, I don't need that stuff so a format worked the best for me. MTP mode lets you just pull it out and go, without having to do the “safely remove hardware” method. (windows XP)

The battery life is what it is. I used it for about 13hrs before needing to change batteries. I will be looking into a rechargeable battery for it soon.

It's not as smooth and slick looking as the image shown here. It looks a little cheaper and bulkier in person. There is no mic either, as shown in this image. It has a little hole for it, but no mic.

The FM tuner worked just fine, and has a lot of available presets (31).

Instructions are very detailed and easy to understand.

The included earphones are not comfortable, they are the hard disc type.

I bought this with the Coby CVE92 Isolation Stereo Earphones Isolation Stereo Earphones which together make for a great inexpensive MP3 player.

EDIT: I'm sorry to say that this has died after only 3 months of light use. The display started giving a garbled, completely random look, and none of the buttons worked. I was able to connect it to the PC and get all my music from it, but it was useless as an MP3/FM player. I returned it (after the 3 month limit) and lost $8 for a “restocking fee”. I can't find anything similar in size and function, so I ordered another one to try again. The price went down $8+ since the original order, so I actually spent less this time than on the first order. We'll see how long the new one lasts….

William asks…

When you're on an airplane, can you listen to hard-drive mp3 players?

I have a Creative Zen Vision:M and I read somewhere in a review that this person couldn't listen to it on their flights because of how high they were and the Zen couldn't function. Is that true? I'm going to go on a looong flight and if I can't listen to my mp3 player I'd be bored out of my mind. I'm willing to buy a flash mp3 player, but only if necessary.

dknol answers:

Not true, I also have a Vision M (great player!) and it works perfectly. As you know you can't use it during takeoff & landing. But that's it. Enjoy, and have a nice flight! ?

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