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Paul asks…

How do I convert videos for my SONY NWZ S616F mp3 player?

It's this model right here:;lst

It says it takes mpeg-4 and m4v. But when I convert files into these formats (I tried several converters!!!), it tells me that the file format is not accepted. I have no clue how to get videos onto this player.

dknol answers:

I recommend you a useful and free tool that can convert video, rip dvd, Backup DVD and download YouTube video.

You can download this tool at here:

it called “Next Video Converter”. It is easy to use, you only need click few button.
Next Video Converter is a free video converter and DVD ripper with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed, and excellent video quality. It can convert almost all video formats including DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, and AVI to MPEG-4 movie format for iPod, iPhone, PSP or other portable video device, MP4 player, or Smartphones. It can also rip DVD to any video format.

Steven asks…

I am looking for an external replaceable battery (AA) powered supply for MP3 players.?

I have not found a major (or one that I know) company which makes this. Or one with favorable reviews. I would think that with all of the USB powered/recharged devices, this device would be commmon. I vacation in a remote area without electricity and would like to carry AA batteries to play/recharge a MP3 player. In the past, I have bought replaceable battery (AAA) powered MP3 players, but these are becoming rare and I would like to upgrade.

dknol answers:

What do you mean you can't find “AA” batteries for MP3 players? If it says “AA” on it, then it should work for anything that powers on “AA.”

Sandy asks…

I'd like to get myself a MP3 player but have no knowledge of these things…?

I want to get myself a flash disk based one because I hear they are more durable and use less battery power.

I'd like one with at least 3GB storage.

It doesn't have to be flashy, I just want music on it, no vids/pics necessarily.

Can someone recommend me some. OR point me to a non-biased MP3 player review site?

dknol answers:

DO NOT BUY AN IPOD like the slaves. They suck. Cool gadget, but having to use ITunes to manage everything is so lame. Typical Apple….

Anyways, sounds like you know enough about them to make an informed decision. I have a little one made by Insignia (NS-DV4G) that works great. 4GB memory and you can add more. Plays music, video, photos, fm radio. And I think it was only about $50. I've had it a couple years. Never loaded the software that came with it. Just plugged it in and Windows Media Manager handled everything automatically.

John asks…

What is the best waterproof Mp3 player?

I have been looking for waterproof Mp3 players. I have seen mixed reviews for H20 man, Oregon Scientific, Swinfin players. I am not interested in waterproof cases. My main concern is not sound quality, but durability and the integrity of the waterproofing. I hoping that someone has experience that they can share about any of the waterproof players that are out there. Thank you.

dknol answers:


try this site! Could be what you are looking for:)

Thomas asks…

Insignia 4GB video MP3 video player-Black reviews?

I am going to buy and Insignia 4GB video MP3 video player and I want to know the good and bad parts about and how easy is it to use. I also can't find pictures of it's carry case so if you find a picture of the carrying case that comes with it or one I can buy sepratley give me a link to it thanks in advance.
And also how do you get windows movie maker video's on to it.

dknol answers:

The insignia 4gb video mp3 player is the same exact thing as the sandisk sansa e200. The cases are the same too. The case that comes with it is a like a little pouch. Its black and is like velvety. But u dont really need a case cuz these mp3 players are real strong. I dropped mine like 20 times and it still workds perfect.

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