Your Questions About Mp3 Players Reviews

Maria asks…

I saw the mp3 player sunglasses online and wondered if anyone has used them? Are there reviews anywhere?

Would a landscaper use these without issue? Are they too bulky? Too loud/soft? Anyone know anything about them?

dknol answers:

I've heard from a friend that those kind of sunglasses are easy to break why don't you try the Designer Sunglasses take a look here there are a lot of designs to choose.

Sandra asks…

Of these MP3 players, which would you pick?

dknol answers:

I'd forget about the Insignia (cheap build) and the Zen Micro Photo (outdated).

The other two are great players. The Creative Zen V Plus is a cute little player and personally I'd get the Sansa because of its larger TFT LCD screen. Both have FM Radio, voice recorder, however the Sandisk supports more video formats than the ZV+.

Bottom line: If you'll be using the player for music, get the Zen V Plus, if you're more video oriented, get the Sansa.

George asks…

Does the lg vu have an mp3 player like sony ericsson. the reviews say music player but is it really the same?

i have 50 songs on my phone now. how much memory does it have.

dknol answers:

The digital music player in the vu plays aac, mp3 & wma formats. So yes, like most phones it plays mp3's.
It has an internal memory of 120mg & a memory card can be inserted for greater capacity.
When you consider each song in mp3 format is on average 4 -5 mg you will get about 20 -25 songs. But the internal memory on most phones now is not an issue like it used to be. You can insert a memory card. I picked up a 2gb card for $20 & that will hold a few hundred songs which is more than enough for a playlist to carry with you. Why would you want have a thousand songs when you you will never listen to all of them anyway.

Ken asks…

reviews on coby mp3 player?

I'm trying to find reviews on the covy mp815-4g 2.8 inch widescreen mp3 video player with fm radio. (yes, i know, long name). I've already tried CNET, and ZDNET, but all they have is the basic facts. Does anyone know where I can find user reviews on this? or does anyone own one of these?

dknol answers:

Terrible go with a zune

Sandy asks…

Is Coby a good company for Mp3 Players?

Hear any good reviews about them? I am trying to get an Mp3 during thanksgiving break. I have previously had a Sansa and Sony before and they are fine but I don't like to hear the clicking noise every time you want to change and song. Plus I do not want to pay $200+ for an ipod.

dknol answers:

They are a decent player, but I'd go with Sony or Insignia if I was you. I've always had good luck with those brands and i agree with you on the Ipod thing why pay $100+ dollars for something you can get for like $50.

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