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Richard asks…

Is there a way to plug an mp3 into an ipod home?

Is there a cord you can use to attach an mp3 player with a usb port to an ipod docking station? Or using the headphone jack? If you want a picture/description of the mp3 here is a site.

thanks in advance.
Thanks so much Pedro, I didn't even know they made cords like that. thanks again

dknol answers:

Yes it must come whit a cord that each side has a headphone jack you plug your mp3 to one side then plug the other side were on the ipod dock has a head jack hole than turn on you i home and you mp3.

Sandra asks…

Reviews on the best Mp3 for the price?

I'm looking for a good MP3 player under $100, removable batteries (because I've heard charging them for hours at a time sucks), no special touch screens or apps necessary, just something I can listen to while at work or exercising. Reviews and suggestions would be great :) thank ya

dknol answers:

Maybe something in the zune line. Like the zune 4,8,16,30,80,or 120 (the numbers indicate how many gigabytes) the zune 30 is the first generation, the zune 4,8,and 16 are the second generation, and the zune 80, and 120 are the 3rd generation, but if you decide you want something special for a good price, go for the zune HD. Tho none of the zunes have removable batteries, microsoft has the best mp3 line that's not expensive and can do almost anything any ipod can do.

Mary asks…

What about MP3 Suite? I really wanted to try avoiding Rhapsody and Limewire because of so many poor reviews?

I bought my son a Sansa mp3 player for Christmas. Ive been searching the internet for a subscription for him to download songs but have no idea of who to go with! Rhapsody's reviews sucked and Limewire apparently has all these viruses. I dont know. This is getting a lil frustrating. Please Help!!!!

dknol answers:

I like Rhapsody but you can try Netflix if you want something else. I had a friend that loved it (but they didn't carry AC/DC so it didn't work for me! :)

William asks…

Why are earbuds and earphones for MP3 players so poorly designed?

If you search reviews nearly every earphone or earbud under $20 has a fit problem. Can you recommend a pair which will stay in, and has good sound?

dknol answers:

The earbuds that come with mp3 players are rubbish because they want you to have to buy a better pair. The best headphones you can get for under £20 are the overboard waterproof headphones. They fit in your ear perfectly, and are just £14.99

Lizzie asks…

I'm Looking To Get A New Cell Phone; How Do The Mp3 Players Work On Them?

specifically the phone i want is the lg vx8300 from verizon, its an upgrade from the phone i have and i read tons of reviews saying this is a great phone. my only question is that the phone itself has an mp3 player built into it so im wondering how i get the music onto the phone? do i have to pay for it? etc.

dknol answers:

Most mp3 player phones come with internal memory or a memory card slot. You may have to buy the memory card or connect the phone to the computer using USB or bluetooth and transfer MP3 files.

The phone you are looking comes with 28 MB of internal memory which is good for storing less than 5 songs. Hence if you are planning to use this as an MP3 player then you may have to purchase a trans-flash card. You sould also buy a USB media card reader (cost $15) which will allow you to copy music directly to the card. It does not come with a USB cord so you cannot directly copy songs to the phone.

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