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Betty asks…

What is a good cheap MP3 player that lets me save a playlist?

I recently lost my good old Toshiba gigabeat so I am now looking for a new mp3 player. If possible does anyone know of one that is under $50 and preferably has a playlist option?

dknol answers:

Cowon iAudio offers an option to build a playlist based on the songs already loaded in it and should also load playlists built with Winamp. It sells for under $50 if you need around 2Gb, for more capacity, higher prices.

Additionally you could see some reviews about Creative Zen as it has playlists too, though prices for it are above your $50 limit.

Joseph asks…

what is a good brand for an mp3 player other than ipod or creative?

i want an mp3 player, but i wanna find one other than ipod. i don't wanna be like everyone else. plus, i have heard bad things about creative. any suggestions?

dknol answers:


CNET's top Mp3 players

Helen asks…

Can you request songs using an mp3 player?

Is there a portable mp3 player on the market that allows you to request and download music directly from the mp3 player itself, instead of using itunes, napster, etc.? If not, are there any companies working on something like this?

dknol answers:


nice one man!!

Donald asks…

How do you download completely free music to your MP3 player?

I have a nextar digital MP3 player and I really want to download some songs but I want them completely FREE! I know there is a website where you can do that! Can anyone please tell me??

I prefer links, but web adresses are good too! =)

dknol answers:

There are quite a number of site able to help you to do so.. Like limewire and bearshare, which is free but it is illegal and lot of virus on the song downloaded, which will crash your system easily.

As for some paid site, i.e. Mp3 rockets, which is only exclusive to member only, which is definitely the choice you will want to consider. They allow you to download unlimited mp3 music, video and movie. It is safe and they also provide 24x 7 hours support to member.

Get a review for mp3 rockets, Klite, limewire and more before you make your choice.


John asks…

What's the best portable mp3 player audio quality wise?

I've just bought the Shure SE530-PTH Earphones for 499$ and am deciding on which portable audio player to buy. I have rather high demands on audio quality (that's why I bought the earphones of course) so my main criteria when buying an mp3 player is its audio quality. I'm thinking of buying 2nd gen iPod Touch but I've heard that its audio quality is not so great. So my question is which player has the best audio quality.

dknol answers:

Well as i see you don't mind the price, i would recommend getting the bang & olufsen beosound 6, its price tag is pretty big for only 4 gigs but its pretty much the greatest mp3 player you could get in terms of quality. Check it out, i have one and love it, there are thousands of reviews that give it a thumbs downs… That's just because they cant afford one, and don't appreciate good sound quality. If you decide on getting it you wont regret it.
Oh and also it wasn't that easy for me trying to buy it, i had to go to the store, couldn't find it online…

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