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Laura asks…

Sony 8GB Black Walkman Video MP3 Player. I am trying to get a movie on my mp3 player. Its in mp4 format!?

Here is the link to the mp3 player that i have. I have the movies on mp4 format & its not working when i put it into the mp3 player. It says file is not supported. I do not understand that. What am i doing wrong? Does the screen size have to be right when i convert it online? It says its like 320 by 240. Well when i did the converting i didn't realize you had to put a screen resolution when converting them. Can someone plz help me figure this out. My friend had mentioned something about a sync folder or something. I have no idea what hes talking about when he says to sync the music. No slight clue. I am so stuck. Could someone plz help thanks.

dknol answers:

The problem is that your mp3 player's operating system doesn't know how to read mp4 format, it's like another language to it. The only way I see how you can get this done is my finding a program online that converts mp4s to mp3. Just google “mp4 to mp3 converter, and you should get a whole list. As far as I know Syncing is when you add media (music and video) to your mp3 player's software archives so you can put it into your player. Since your player and your computer are “in sync”.

Lizzie asks…

Which one should I buy: creative zen stone plus mp3 or the sandisk sansa clip mp3 player?

I have read reviews on both and they are really good mp3 players. Does anyone suggest one over the other?

Please do not recommend other brands as I have narrowed it down to these two…Thanks!

dknol answers:

I have the clip and it is a great player. You can't go wrong with it. Last that I checked at my local wal-mart (the internet walmart does not have them) the 8 gb was 49.99 (they had only the black one.)

Carol asks…

The available space on my Sansa mp3 player keeps decreasing even after I delete songs?

I just bought this mp3 player after reading countless positive reviews on it. I have spent a few solid hours adding music to it and now I'm trying to get rid of a few songs I don't want that much to make room for a few that I want more…but after I delete songs the available space decreases instead of increases? Why the hell is this happening? Anyone else having this problem?

dknol answers:

Try resetting it to default settings and reloading your music onto it.

Daniel asks…

why doesn't my computer detect my mp3 player?

here is a url to the mp3 player

i know that the usb cable works because when i plug it in it says that it is charging

i also have a memory stick and that does pop up on my computer

what can i do, can it be my mp3 player?

is there any way to fix this problem?

please help


dknol answers:

I have the same problem :(

Ruth asks…

Which MP3 player do you recommend for Napster to Go?

I subscribed to Napster to Go. Which MP3 player has good reviews and is recommended by you for Napster to Go? It should be 2G or above. I'm not interested in video playback, only MP3 music and possibly photos. If it's awesome, I'm definitely interested!!

dknol answers:

You shall buy an ipod nano,2gb
it has MP3 and photos also.
Else if you want a cheap and good mp3 you can buy one from

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