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Ken asks…

What are the best MP3 players?

I was about to order the new ipod nano but when I was reading over the reviews I was reminded that unless you use itunes the new ipod doesn't work very well. I have some third party music in my library and would like to know what MP3 players don't discriminate ;)
I have a mac.

dknol answers:

Creative Zen. Bitchin' little player. Has everything you need. The plug-in is a mini-usb, so you should be able to use your phone charger on it. I absolutely love it.

Lizzie asks…

I am purchasing a 1GB SanDisk Sansa™ c140 MP3 Player. Anybody have any reviews?

I want to buy it and I want feedback.

dknol answers:

I know someone who has one. He has no complaints about it. I have the 6GB one and I love it. Way better than any iPod I've used.

Richard asks…

how can i get a new usb cable for my mp3 player?

I left my usb cable and charger at the hospital when i went for my great grandmas surgery. How can i get a new one for it? the exact mp3 player is below

dknol answers:

Go to a store where they sell mp3 players. Best buy or radio shack and ask them. Take your mp3 player with you.

Sandra asks…

I want to buy the Samsung YP-K3 mp3 player. Can anybody tell me what “no on device playlisting feature” means?

I know what a playlist is in general. But can someone explain it clearly as to what no on device playlisting means? If anyone is interested, I also included a link about this mp3 player.

dknol answers:

Like you cant have a playlist.

Lets say you wanted to save your favorite rap songs.

You cant make a list just for those songs.

Paul asks…

Looking for customer reviews for Visual Land V-Touch 8 GB Video MP3 Player?

Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Visual Land V-Touch 8 GB Video MP3 Player

dknol answers:

5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the investment., December 29, 2008
By dr
My 10 yr. Old, of course, wanted an iTouch for Christmas but at her age, it would either get lost, broken, or left on a shelf to collect dust so this was the perfect substitute. The addition of the FM radio and the camera (2MP; typical cell phone quality) with the ability to take video via the camera was the icing on the cake. The eBook reader is another nice feature.
She can't put it down. She's used the voice recorder, the camera, the radio, and obviously, the MP3 player. She really wants to download a book and what parent can argue with a child wanting to read a book whether electronically or not? At Christmas, all her “older” cousins asked her “Is that an iTouch?” and she proudly stated “No, it's a V-Touch…” (Whew!)

-8GB is 8GB. Plenty of space for everything. (Plus it's expandable.)
-Camera/Video Recorder. (Big plus for non-cell phone carrying kids.)
-Nice size screen and the colors are sharp and bright.
-eBook capability.
-Stylus included. (Which allows even me to use it.)
-Computer connection and file transfer is very simple.
-Price. For memory size and functions I don't think you can beat it.

-At first look, it seemed fragile to me (“cheap”). After more use, it's not so bad. It is obviously not as solid as an iTouch but it's more than 2 1/2 times cheaper. Unsure if a 3 foot drop would be it's demise and hopefully I won't ever find out.
-Charger cord is extremely short.
-Battery life(???). It seems that the charge doesn't last as long as I think it should but my daughter is using it all the time so maybe it's fine.
-Headphones. Not the highest quality but those can be replaced.

-eBook. Have not used that feature yet.
-Movies. We have yet to put an AVI/MP4 on it but I am confident it will be fine and the screen size should be perfect for viewing.

It's a great buy in my book! No, it's not an iTouch but it's a perfect little MP3 player with a ton of extra features and functionality. We haven't had it very long so I will update if things change but so far, so good.

1.0 out of 5 stars Unreliable, January 19, 2009
By DBtrek “-DB”
The first two days I owned this device I was pleased with it. The touch screen is not very responsive but for the price I could hardly complain. On the third day this device refused to power on. I hit the reset switch on the side which seemed to fix the problem . . . But not for long.

Two weeks later this device is in one of two states:

1. Frozen at the “Please Wait” (Load screen)
2. Dead and not responding to the “On” button.

While the device was working I enjoyed its features, though the AVI video would record in XVID or H263 making it unplayable on the Windows Media Player without a plug-in. There is no menu system for navigating through MP3's, so if you have a lot of music be prepared to do a lot of scrolling through your massive song list.

If the product had lasted longer it would have probably been worth the price.

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