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Nancy asks…

Target Taxes on Electronics?

I'm trying to decide about how much money I need to save for a classic 160GB iPod at the original price of 249 dollars. Isn't it over 300 dollars? I'm aware of other MP3 players and sales, but I know what I want and I just want to be prepared for the original price.

dknol answers:

Unless you have a 20% sales tax or buy an extended warranty you should get away for less than $300. Your tax would depend on which state you are in and the applicable tax you would pay.

Laura asks…

I Need Help With Targets Christmas Sales?

okay i need help with this because i dont know if its true or not.

if there is a MP3 player for sale at target for 200 dollars but it is only $99 because its a 50% of sale because of the Christmas sale, can i put that MP3 player on layby for my birthday which is on the 11th of Jan and then when the sale stops will it still remain 99 dollars or will it go back to 200 dollars?

hopefully that makes sence because i need the answer in the next 12 hours because my mum will have to buy it tomorrow if it wont remain 99 dollars after the sale.

if you answer thanks.
If You Want To See The Mp3 Heres A Like To The Online Catalogue

dknol answers:

I understand about the layaway and dont understand why more stores dont have it! It is my understanding that Target does not even have layaway and never has. Only K-mart has layaway these days. Walmart used to and they even stopped it. Hope that this helps and you are somehow able to get your MP3 player! Happy birthday! :)

Sharon asks…

My Creative MuVo TX-FM MP3 player died… help me bring it back to life ! Please !!?

Ok, I hope I have enough room here.

Last month I bought a Creative MuVo TX-FM MP3 player at a garage sale. They didn't have the install CD containing the firmware. So, I went on line to download the firmware from Creative. To install the firmware onto my laptop, I had to plug in the player. To do this I had to unplug the laptop and run it on batteries. I'm running the intall, and it says “Your player will be disabled until installation is complete” or something like that. I clicked “ok” on this dialogue and let the “installation” continue.

The installer hung on “searching for installed devices” and ran my laptop battery down. So, I had to restart the computer after plugging it in again. By the time I got the battery recharged and plugged the player in again, the player was dead. It wouldn't come on, or anything, even with a fresh battery.

I downloaded Creative's MP3 Player Recovery tool, installed it, and tried to run it on the player. I got “User, there are no compatible devices for this device” or some message to that effect. (the MuVo was connected to the laptop at the time)

I unplugged the MuVo, rebooted, and tried again, and now the MuVo shows, in my device manager as an “MP3 Player Recovery Tool device”.

My thought is that the “disabling” that occured during the botched install essentially killed the player. The MP3 Player Recovery Tool didn't do any good. So… what will ?

How do I bring my MuVo back to life again ?

dknol answers:

You cant really do anything anymore your mp3 wont work anymore

Maria asks…

How do you plug a Mp3 player into a Sonos music thing?

I have an mp3 player w/ a 3.5 mm line-in jack. and i have a sonos little consoleish looking thing. What cable do i need to plug into the sonos and then how do i proceed to work it?

A link to the required cable for sale would be divine!

dknol answers:

Basically you need a miniplug connector that will fit the 3.5mm line-in on Sonos as well as the MP3 player. You can usually find those connectors at Best Buy or Radio Shack.

Once you have it connected, from the Main Menu on the controller go to Line-In Sources. Make sure the controller is already set to the zone you want music to be played.

Linda asks…

Should I buy an MP3 player now, or 3 months from now?

I'm looking to buy a small, flash-based MP3 player to use while working out, sitting in waiting rooms, etc. I don't want to spend a lot of money, however ($100 would be the absolute limit).

So far, I've been looking at the Creative MuVo Micro (either 512MB or 1 Gig), as it seems to have the features I want: small size, FM radio, line-in for recording directly from CDs and records. This unit seems like a great buy on sale for around $70. However, I know that technology changes overnight and something better might be available at a similar price a few months from now when I have my birthday.

Does anyone know if there are any new MP3 players scheduled to come out in the next few months that might be a better buy than the MuVo Micro? Or are any of the current players (such as the iRivers) going to come down in price during that time?

Thanks for the input!

dknol answers:

Use you instinct, buddy! Let me tell ya, prices aren't going down on MP3 players for a while, since they're popular items. If you're TRULY happy with what you see now, then go for it. If not, wait. MP3 players won't be going anywhere soon! I recommend the Apple MP3 products EXCEPT the iPod shuffle.

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