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Richard asks…

Is Itunes only for Apple MP3 players or can it sync with Craig MP3 player as well?

I was thinking of getting my cousin who is 9 an MP3 for his birthday. Apple Ipods are expensive and the local store has Craig MP3 players on sale so does Itunes only work with Apple Ipod?

dknol answers:

To play DRM protected iTunes music on a non-Apple MP3 player or phone, you need to convert the iTunes music to MP3 files first. The easiest way is to burn an audio CD in iTunes and rip it back as MP3. Or you can get DRM music converter to help you. It works great for removing DRM from iTunes music and converting iTunes music to mp3.


Ken asks…

Finance – Calculate the relevant annual cash flows, payback period, net present value, accounting rate?

annyy help pllssss

Banana plc designs and creates digital music and entertainment players e.g. MP3 players.

Sales of their ‘A' model have been extremely successful and the company
has a number of business development options that they wish to explore.

Market research has demonstrated that there is a partly unmet demand for greater data storage
capabilities to enable more music and video to be stored than is currently available.
Consumers have also expressed a desire for greater application (“apps”) functionality.

Banana plc is considering a new model, ‘B' which will offer extensive apps functionality
as well as very significant additional storage capacity.

Some financial data on the new model is provided below:

Initial Investment£5,000,000

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Sales Volume (units)30,00050,00040,00020,00010,000
Sales Price (per unit)£150
Variable Cost (per unit)£100

The market research costs amounted to £100,000.

No additional fixed overheads would arise from this project going ahead.
Assume no additional working capital is required.

Banana's depreciation policy is to use the straight line method over 5 years and assumes
no residual value.

The Weighted Average Cost of Capital is10%

Ignore taxation.

Part One
For model B:

Calculate the relevant annual cash flows, payback period, net present value, accounting rate
of return and internal rate of return.

Based on the calculations above make a decision on the production of model B

Identify and discuss 5 further elements of information you could research in order to better inform the decision at 2 above.

dknol answers:

Wow, this one is so easy and brings back a lot of fond memories of my finance and accounting courses back in college. The answers are all in the book, so study hard now!! And please, NO cheating either! This is the only way you're going to understand this material.

William asks…

An MP3 player regularly sells for $145.00. It is on sale for 20% off. How much is the discount?


dknol answers:

145 X .20 = $29

$145-$29 = $116

Steven asks…

Why would anyone need a musical snorkel?

I was travelling through Schipol airport and they had a snorkel with built in MP3 player for sale. WHY? It would scare the fish.

What stupid ideas have you seen recently?

dknol answers:

It might come in handy if you are looking for Tuna.

Sharon asks…

What could i sell at a yard Sale?

I am having a yard sale and what time should i start it. Also what is some stuff that people would buy. I am selling
Skim Board
Board Games.
Computer Mouse
Computer Games
Portable CD players
Exercise Equipment (ab swing, bike)
Head Phones
Toy Cars
Oh and can you sell a broken ipod and i have an mp3 player that doesnt work but has some songs on it could i also sell that? If you could give me some prices that i should sell those items for that would be a great.

dknol answers:

You asked yesterday i gave you prices.thats what people are going to offer you i am a yard sale person i have them every summer i will be having one this summer.

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