Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Sale

Nancy asks…

What is this Website?

I was searching yahoo for cheap mp3 players on sale, and one of the first listings was a website called It had ridiculously cheap mp3 players for sale, but there was no name on the brand and very little info otherwise. Is this site legit, or a fraud? has anybody used it before? thanks
Note: this is, not, which also exists

dknol answers:

Yes, it is a legitimate website. I checked with microsoft phising tool..Good it>>

Betty asks…

Where can I find MP3 for sale or download (cheap)?

I have made quite the list of music on grooveshark. But I want to listen to music on my mp3 player. I don't want to sign up for something that doesn't have all the music I want and I really want to buy cheaply. I listen to all kinds of music (oldies rock, jazz, bossa nova, soundtrack, and obscure stuff). Is there a place where I can make a large list of songs and buy them for like a group price (like 100 songs for the price of 50 or something)–and hopefully a place that is shifty. If anyone has a good suggestion it would be appreciated very much.

dknol answers:

Go to The site reviews and and compares cheap music download sites. All the sites listed are cheap and safe to use. See if one of them will do what you want.

Ken asks…

Can someone help me with eBay.?

I have never been on eBay, so the other day I decided to check it out just for fun. As I was browsing through the items, I saw a yellow/gold MP3 player. Since yellow is my favorite color, I feel that I just have to have it. I clicked on the item, and I found out that there are 100 up for sale. There was no bidding option. The price for each was incredible! Each one was only 17.99! Now here is where I need the help. I am not a member of eBay, so can I still buy it? Also, I have heard that people are sometimes “scammed”. By “scammed”, I mean that I have heard that when people buy something, the item is either “fake”, or it is damaged. I am worried that the MP3 players for sale by this person are not in existence at all, or if I buy one and actually receive it, it may be broken, damaged, or missing parts. Please help me!!!

dknol answers:

1. Sign up with ebay
2. Sign up with PayPal. Using paypal is the safest way to make purchases with them.
3. Check sellers feedback completely.
4. If something is too good to be true. It probably is.

Joseph asks…


I want to get some sort of music source (other than my walkman) and I need help. Below are a few sales in my area for ipods and mp3 players. Telling me which ones are the best deals would be appreciated.

~$147.88-Apple 2 GB Silver ipod nano~

~$248.44-Apple 30 GB ipod video~

~$149.99-Apple new 2nd gen 2GB ipod Nano~

~$49.99-color video MP3 player 512 MB~

~$169.99-Apple 4gb ipod Nano~

~$49.88-mini MP3 player~

~$49.99-MP3 with Video 512MB~

Which one(s) is best? What do you have and are you happy with it? Anything would help. Thank you! : )

dknol answers:

Apple 30 GB is the best I have 1 and is very good

Daniel asks…

i just bought a mp3 player from newport cigarettes has any body bought one i cant find it online who makes it

it was from web only offer it is around 11/2″x1″ it says bast on the player. it says new generation digital portable player on the pamplet. it is 1 gb. i did a search for bast mp3 players on google, yahoo, & msn i went on ebay & all i found for sale was a bast ipod speaker system. on the invoice it says mp3 player(second generation) does this mean it is refurbished?

dknol answers:

I think it means that your mp3
is a bootleg version of another
brand of mp3

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