Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Sale

Mandy asks…

A store has a $250Mp3 player for sale. The store is offering two succesive discounts of 20% and 10%, respectiv

continue;;;respectively. How much would the Mp3 player cost? A. 190.00 B.180.00 C. 170.00 C.174.00

dknol answers:

20% of 250 is 50. 10% of 200 is 20. You should be able to do the math from there.

Jenny asks…

Help me price my stuff for yardsale…?

How much would you pay for a (used) pizza stone at a yard sale?
MP3 player with all instructions but no headphones – barely used. Was only $20 new.
Portable CD player – no headphones?
Martha Stewart cookbooks? New condition. I paid over $20 each.
thanks for your suggestions!
Also, would you buy a used but clean litter box with 2 bags of unopened litter, a scooper, and about 5 cat toys?
How much?

dknol answers:

People want a bargain at the garage sale so if you put 50 cents on an item expect to get 25 cents.
Pizza stone $1
mp3 $4
cd $2
cookbook $5
litter box $1
litter $2
Sorry, it sounds low but that's why people go to garage sales…They want to feel like they made you lower your price and that they got a bargain.
Don't get upset if this is your first one. Good luck

John asks…

How good is the invion 2 GB mp3/video player?

How good is the invion 2 GB mp3/video player? It was on sale in the paper and my parents bought it for me, but I'm kinda iffy about it. One, it was so cheap it seems too good to be true. Two, I've never heard of this brand. Three, what type of battery does it run on? I know how you charge it, you plug it into the computer, can you buy a wall charger for it? I need an overall status on how it is and if it's worth it, or should I just return it and get my money back?

dknol answers:

My daughter just bought one for her dad and I'm having a terrible time with it. I've got it connected via the USB and it's charged, but my Windows XP system doesn't recognize the USB device and I've run the driver setup 3 times. And I can't figure out how to load music onto it. So if I were you, I'd steer clear of this!

Mary asks…

Premier pioneer CD Mp3 player for the car for sale (read please)?

Hey you guys I bought that sterei system about a year ago its great and I love it. It even got remote control. I bought it for $225 brand new Soon as they instaled into my car few month later I got into really bad Car Accident ( it wasnt my fault a man didnt stop at the stop sign) My car is totaled he hit me from the side. I'm getting a new car so i wont need it. I will sell it for $150 Its premier pioneer DEH P580MP please contact me at my email or here if you would like to purchase it or any sugestions how can I sell it ?

dknol answers:


Ruth asks…

MP3 Players in baby gear?

Not to offend anyone who uses them, but I have seen cribs, playpens, even bassinet and strollers for sale recently, with mp3 ports in them. I couldn't help but LOL at the idea of my baby jammin' out to an mp3 player.

I know it's just a new method of playing music, but technology has gotten way ahead of me, and when I saw those, I started to feel the first twinges of the generation gap between my sons and I.

I felt OLD. I don't even know how to use an mp3 player!

Anyone else feel the same way?

dknol answers:

Baby gear from our infancy looks like crap compared to todays stuff, but todays items are also a bit unnecessary. I think it's a bit up and beyond to put mp3 players in baby gear… Well.. Other then the jogging stroller i have, which is just speakers to connect to an MP3/cd player. I'm going to try to justify the stroller's MP3 player hook up.. This way, when you are out and about on a walk, mom doent have head phones in listening to music, while pushing baby, and possibly not hearing traffic or baby. I think it just makes is more enjoyable for both mom and baby.
But, to have a built in MP3 on a child's toy, crib, or playpen, i think that's way over and beyond necessary. I'd opt to skip on that product. I just think it's a waste of money to purchase an item other then a stroller… (i'm guilty!)

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