Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Sale

Maria asks…

What is a great cell phone that is low hassle and is great for storing music and texting – with att plan?

I just want a phone that is very sturdy and will act as an mp3 player too. I don't want a sales pitch, I just want a straight answer. Keep in mind that I will definately drop this cell phone at least twice a week, I am an elementary school teacher and things get messy in my room. Is there a phone that works for at&t that can capture songs?

dknol answers:

My nokia 6085 is a simple flip phone that takes pics, does the web & text (if you sign up for it), and has blue tooth so you can get songs and ring tones from others with bluetooth as well. I drive a truck and drop mine at least once a day and it works great, and best of all it was free (w/contract). You can put in one of those sandisk 2 gig cards ($30-40 at Wallmart and have more music than you will ever listen to, but the pics are real basic, nothing special, but good enough for keeping your school kids amused!

Mary asks…

Are any mp3 players compatible with windows vista?

I want to buy a mp3 player but have been told that not all models are compatible with windows vista. I don't want to buy one and then find out I can't use it on my computer.

dknol answers:

I dont like flashy ipods, only one piece of software works with it. Get something like an archos, or one of those cheep flash ones, i found one a while ago that had a USB port built into the thing, do you never need a cable, you plug the whole player into the computer. This one also had adjustable LCD backlight colors, red, green, a whole bunch of colors. All kinds of goodies. Check for deals, they usually have a few players on sale. But other than that, every MP3 player im aware of works with vista, they usually load up as mass storage devices, which is a fancy term for memory card, it reads it the same, so it treats it the same. Windows media player is nice for larger libraries. Dont get ipods, youre paying for brand name, not functionality, which i hate, its like fancy shoes. I asume you just want audio, in which case, has tons of flash memory based MP3 players with a b&w screen. But if you want video, look at the Zens, if you want something better, pick up an Archos. However, the creative players have that crystalizer to enhance that audio, whare as the archos players act like mini media planets, with thier TiVo like functions and attachable camera (the 404 comes in 2 flavors, plain, and built in camera, called the 404cam). But unlike ipods, you could, on some players, just dump your music into a folder, and move that into the folder labled music on the player, they usually scan for new files when you turn em on, eliminating the need for any software, you could use windows media player, the desktop drag n drop method, mac, i think, and even DOS! Whare ipods NEED itunes, but i think someone has an open source itunes like program, but i cant rember it. As for buying it and finding out its not compatable, most stores have some kind of moneyback garuntee, or atleast store credit. If it doesnt work, take it back, and tell them, they could think its broken, and give you cash, or store credit, and you try again. But serisously, thats very unlikly to happen. You could be refering to the ipod issue that had apple release the 7.1 software whare ipods were getting messed up when hooked up to a vista system, but other than that, ive never heard of MP3 players not working with vista. Also, check the lyra brand from RCA, used to have one back in the ol days, awesome little thing. The one i had had a little SD card slot on top for expandable memory.

Linda asks…

Do you own an mp3 player that is NOT an iPod and do you like it, what is the best one?

I'm wondering what is the best mp3 player that is not an iPod, according to people who actually own and are happy with them.

dknol answers:

SanDisk Sansa E200 Series, awesome after-sale Customer service and the price's better than any other mp3 brands, works exactly the same. Since SanDisk makes Memory Card too, you can even get the microSD card from SanDisk, all in 1 and easy to manage all the products, great warranty as well.

Carol asks…

Ebay, In what instances should you NOT start the bid at 99 cents to maximize profit?

Are there certain categories such as mp3 players/laptops where you should increase the starting price?
Is it when the value of the item is greater than a certain amount (ex: >100) or if you don't think there will be competition for the item?

dknol answers:

First, starting the bids at 99 cents will not maximize your profits It will, however, have the effect of maximizing the number of bids and give you a good indication for the amount of interest in your items.

Generally, if the item costs less than $100, you can go with 99 cents starting bid. If more than $100, you can start at 99 cents but do set a reserve price.

HOWEVER, as we are in recession now, sales are soft everywhere (except Walmart). Many people are buying only essentials. Most sellers will not get the closing prices now that they would have gotten a year+ ago. Times are not good. People are sitting tight with their money. At this point in time, you can start the bidding on ALL your items at 99 cents but I would SET a RESERVE price or you could take a bath. It is not only a buyers’ market in homes (for the creditworthy), it’s also a buyers’ market at ebay.

George asks…

What is wrong with my Brandnew out of the box Creative Zen player?

Took my Creative Zen out of the box, plugged it in with the USB
and it got so hot, I couln't touch it.
Now it won't do anything at all.
This was a giveaway Zen that I got after 4 –MP3 players from another company would not work and this was their parting gift to me. I have no paperwork or sales slip to work with. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with this Zen.

dknol answers:

You probably got a defective unit. I'd contact the company you got it from and try to get a refund. I don't know why it's heating up like that, but it shouldn't be. You can also maybe try contacting Creative Zen – there may be a 1 year warantee on it. Also, next time you get something like that, be sure to get/keep the reciept and paperwork, you never know when you'll need it.

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