Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Sale

Chris asks…

What is the cheapest MP3 player I can buy and from what store?

I want to get my brother an MP3 player for Christmas but I don't have a lot to spend and I don't know where to go to get one that is good

dknol answers:

Best buy is selling Sandisk 1gb mp3 players for $35. Sale ends Sunday I think.

Steven asks…

How to convince someone to buy an MP3 Player?

KK, for school I'm doing this thing where I'm supposed to persuade everyone to buy an item. In this case, It's my broken down mp3 player. Just need some good reasons, arguments or ideas from you guys.

Thanks a lot. :D
By the way, pretend it's not really broken or anything- It's just old. Though what I'm looking for is something along the lines of music being good for you and stuff like that.

dknol answers:

Start buy saying that its for sale and its a good price and a easy fix, and then just be like in stores they cost way more and u could just fix this for little money, look up the parts on ebay and stuff that way u could comper prices with the new one's and yur broken one and maybe that may sale it..

William asks…

What is a good quality and fairly priced mp3 player?

I'm looking for the cheapest 16g mp3 player out there but I don't want a piece of junk. I wouldn't mind an 8g either…
I would prefer not to buy an ipod

dknol answers:

You should check out the sansa players. I've had two different ones, because I wanted an upgrade, not because there was anything wrong with it. They are durable, dependable, and at a very good price, especially if you watch the ads and get one on sale.

Laura asks…

Samsung Upstage, do you need the sprint web plan to use the MP3 player?

No one at any store that I've gone in to, or in their sales department through their customer service has any idea. I even looked through the book but there are no answers. They are charging $15-25 a month for the web plan, which I don't want or need, but I want to use the MP3 player. The girl at one store said yes because the Music Manager is based on the web so every time you access the MP3, you're accessing the web. Can someone please clarify this for me?

dknol answers:

It shouldn't if you have the music on you card, but I can't say for sure. Call Sprint and tell them to block all data from your phone. This will prevent you from being charged for using any data service (because you won't be allowed to use it). Then try to play the music. If it works then you're fine. Otherwise, you'll probably need to get the data plan.

Note: Some times they screw this up and don't put the block on right, but if that happens, they'll remove the charges if you call them. It's not common, but it does happen so look at the first bill after you try this.

Mark asks…

What is the best mp3 or mp4 player to get under 50 dollars?

I want a mp3 player, but not and ipod. I would like it to be under 50 dollars. I want to make sure it will actually work. :) :)

dknol answers:

There are a few models of the Sansas (C140/C150, etc) – LCD Display/FM radio/voice recorder available for under $50. Check and such or catch them when there is a good sale at a B & M stores.

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