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Mandy asks…

Do any MP3 players aside from iPods play games?

I’ve been looking at lots of different MP3 players recently, hoping to find one cheap and with everything I wanted (sounds like I’m asking for a lot, I know).

I ruled out iPods since they're extremely expensive, break easily (and you can’t replace the battery) anyways, ya, my last iPod broke quickly.

I’ve been looking at Creative (Zens), Zunes, sansa and really anything else on the market. I’m impressed with the expandable memory feature many have, though I don’t need too much memory right now (a 4 GB or maybe even a 2 GB ought to do it).

My only problem is that I cannot find a single MP3 player that plays games (other than iPods). I want to be able to do something active, not just stare out the window, while riding the subway or waiting for something. How has no other company realized people want games?
Am I weird in that I want games? Is that too much to ask?

OR, am I missing a key player that does have games (I'm hoping I am).

Below is what creative sent me when I asked about games, I think this pretty much means they don’t have any players with games.

Thank you for your interest in Creative product.

With regards to your enquiry, I am sorry that ZEN player do not support
gaming features.

We apologize for any inconvenience, please let us know of we can be of
any further assistance.

Thank you again for contacting Creative.

Best Regards ,

Direct Sales
Creative Labs Americas

So please answer if you know of any Mp3 players with games (or if you know that there are none other than iPods so i can stop searching), thanks for answering!

dknol answers:

Try the Sony PSP. It plays games, music and videos. On top of that, you can always buy mulitple memory cards, so you're not limited in space.

Good luck

Steven asks…

Which ones of these MP3 players should I get?

I want 2gb but can't spend more than 40 bucks.

First one is gonna be on sale for 2 days only. 1gb $19.99 ($34.99 regular), 2gb $29.99 ($49.99 regular)


which one should i get? thanks

dknol answers:

Can't see the one on circuit city.

Anyway from what i see – the sansa .
Don't buy non-brand players.

Michael asks…

How do I convert tracks from CDs to MP3 files for a MotoRAZR V3m? Is Phone Tools software necessary?

I recently got a MotoRAZR V3m with Alltel service. I want to know the process to take my favorite CDs and convert them to MP3 files for the MP3 player.

What program is easy to work with (to convert files)? I bought a Nero Ultra 6 on sale, but it just has too many options for a beginner like me.

I bought a 1G micro SD card for the phone. What size of card will work with this phone? Do I need to get the Motorola Phone Tools software? Is Motorola the best place to order it?

I would appreciate your advice and even links to free tutorials.

dknol answers:

You can download the tracks on They are in MP3 format.

Sandra asks…

What's the better mp3 player- an iPod or a Zune?

I went to Costco today with my mom and she asked me which one I would like, and to be honest, I have no idea. The Zune one is Microsoft's iPod, and there were probably two iPod's on sale at Costco. I did the research for both online and now I'm even more confued than I was before I did the research about the two different mp3 players that I saw at Costco. If anyone can suggest which one is better, from what they know and their own expereince with each one, I would really appreciate the help with figuring out all of this.

dknol answers:

Zune has more functions and more likely to stumble across technical problems.
IPod has lesser functions but better costumer support (apple will help you solve your ipod problems easier & quicker).

It really depends on what you like. I would go with the iPod, I don't need all those stuff they have on the Zune. Not to mention, I'd hate to stumble across unknown problems. But Zune is also great if you like to try out new things. There have been many great reviews on the Zune, and many users liked it, but you'll never know.

Ruth asks…

Should I buy the emerson touch screen mp3 player from big lots is it worth it?

Its on Sale for 20bucks and does it have a camrea on it

dknol answers:

For 20 bucks you can't go much wrong.
Also, generic players are not so bad these days.
As for the camera- you didn't specify the model number, so either you go to the store and ask (or glinps it yourself) or look for the specs online.

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