Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Sale

David asks…

Are iHOMES compatible with any brand of MP3 player?

Or do they just work with different ipods? Please help, 10 points for the best answer!

oh yeah, and i want to know because i saw a cheap i home that said compatible with all mp3 players in the small print under the picture in the sales papers.

dknol answers:

A very informative website, kindly stay a minute in website and check

Linda asks…

How good is the Zune 30gb mp3 player? Specifically 4 watching videos?

I am planning to get the Zune 30 gb mp3 /video player..It is on sale for $100. I wanted an ipod, but I cant really afford it. I heard that this mp3 player is bulky, a bit bigger and less compact than the mac products. However, is it a good mp3 player. Is it worth getting for this much money (is it too good to be true)? I specifically wanted to know if this player lets you view MOVIES. If so, does it work well? Also, what program would you use to upload the songs, videos and movies? And how is the battery life…If it isnt a bother, about how big and thick is it?
Thanks for the positive feedback. I heard that they dont have a system where you can upload and buy movies. However, can u upload movies from like DVDs and other CDs onto the Zune? If so, do they accept all movie files like, .wav, .mp3, .mp4, etc.?

dknol answers:

I ordered on at the same price. I dont have it yet, but i made my decision getting a zune instead of an ipod after a lot of research.

Audio quality is much better in Zune. After all i want a mp3 player that sounds good.

Go for it !!!!!

Ken asks…

what do i need to be able to play my MP3 player on my car stereo?

so i used to just plug my mp3 player into this cassette tape thing but i just got a new car and it does not have a cassette player. The car sales person told me you could hook up an mp3 player to it, but i think he meant to say it can play mp3 files. Anyways, i dont have an ipod and all i can find are hook ups for ipods. I have heard about something that plugs into the cars cigarette/ power thing? does anybody know what im talking about or what i need?

sorry i dont know all of the terms all of this electronic stuff
oh and it does not have an AUX input

thanks :)

dknol answers:

Look for radio's that have the AUX output therefore go to any store that sales AUX cords.Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Etc.

Donna asks…

Are cheap mp3/media players any good?

I have seen mp3/media players that look like iTouch copies from Hong Kong for sale on eBay for under $100, has anyone tried them? Are they any good?

dknol answers:

Depends, is it a vtouch? Do not get a vtouch if you don't want to sit there for hours and move files all around. But other than that, it might be fine, I got one a while back, wasn't touch screen, but it was pretty nice.

Robert asks…

what are my right if i am the first customer on the first day of a sale and the sale items is not available?

went to a well know department store with a paper advertising a MP3 video player for $59.99 – stood outside until they opened – there was only one other customer there who did not go to the electronic department – they did not have players – employee called other stores – not one store in the city had the advertised player the first miute of the sale.

dknol answers:

Depending on your state the company may have commited a crime. If an ad runs for an item they don't have for the purpose of “bait and switch” the district attorney should be contacted. Most smart stores would give you a rain check if it was an honest mistake. IF it is a chain store that repeats this practice report it to the state's Attorney General.

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