Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Ruth asks…

I need a pair of kids wireless headphones for an mp3 player what is a good pair to buy and how does it work? ?

I dont understand do they all come with a wireless transmitter that you plug into your mp3 player ?

dknol answers:

Its wire less from your plug that goes into your mp3. IPod/iPhones have bluethooth in them so that is best since you dont need any plug. BTW wire less means its big for mp3

Joseph asks…

Mp3 player and computer question?

Ok 2 of my kids got mp3 players for xmas. I know how to upload music on it, but I have a question about the “safely remove hardware” icon. Once I put music on one mp3, i have to double click an icon on my toolbar that says safely remove hardware(its a little green arrow). The problem is , that icon disappears and i need to use it again to upload music on to the 2nd mp3 player, I want to know how to find this on my computer without having to restart my computer to get the icon back on my toolbar. Its says mass storage device in a box after i click on the green arrow icon. What do i click on my computer files to find this??? I have windows XP. Thanks

dknol answers:

Go to:

Start > My COmputer > Then find ur MP3 player icon (ex. Sansa Rhapsody e200R) > then on the left, under system properties, click eject this disk.

Betty asks…

Hi all- merry x-mas. My kids got an MP3 player for the holidays.?

Can I copy an existing CD to the mp3 player by plugging it into a USB port on the computer and playing a cd on the computer?

Is there a site that is free that I can download music

How else can I download music???????

thanks for the help

dknol answers:

Absolutely. Winamp (*.mp3) or Windows Media Player (*.wma) can allow you to extract the music from your CDs. Use whatever program that generates a compatible file format for your player.

No. All music are copyrighted. I guess your safest bet is

ITunes and Rhapsody are pretty popular.

Steven asks…

What's a good MP3 player for a kid?

My son will be 10 in a few weeks. When asked what he wants for his birthday, he said a iPod. My question is what is the best MP3 player to get for a kids first one?

Thanks :)
Well, the touch is out of the question. I don't want one with access to the internet where he can run up a bill without my knowledge. I'd just like to avoid that all together.

dknol answers:

Anything without internet access…after all, he's just 10. Anyway, maybe an iPod Shuffle or a nano. Cheap, and quality, and not as much space because a 10 year old can't have 16 GB of songs…thats crazy!

Richard asks…

Can I get music from spiralfrog and put it on a mp3 player?

My kids got a mp3 player for christmas. I was wondering if I could download songs from to my pc and then put them on a mp3 player.

dknol answers:

Yes, but not an iPod or Zune.

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