Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Lizzie asks…

I want a divorce but are these valid reasons to get one?

I dont believe in divorce but, I've reached the point where I no longer want to be with my husband, am I being to harsh? I'd like your honest opinions. Plz real answers.

Have we tried working it out, yes I can honestly say we have. We've talked about our troubles. We have gone to marriage counseling and have spent time apart to give each other room.

Here are some of the reasons I want to leave him…….(not in any order)

1. His side of the family……
a. they have stolen from us (money, clothes, shoes, 5 different mp3 players, kids blankets, tv, play station 1, and our car……et cetera.)
b. they are criminals (arrests that include drugs, weapons,prostitution, theft, and violence)

2. He's an alcoholic. his drinking has cost us alot, our home, car, money and his freedom (arrested) He says he's gonna quit but he hasnt.

3. Easily influenced by his peers. basically all his friends have to say his jump and he says how high

4. Doesnt communicate. They say communication is key to a good relationship. Not with my husband. Things he's done without talkng to me first (bought/sold a/our car, renewed a loan, pawned our stuff, lent/given out money)

Other minor things include, not calling me in over 24 hrs, lying to me that he was at work but was really out with the boys, leaving out of town for 2days with his family after I asked him to stay, got mad at me cuz I didnt do his laundry even though I dont live w/him. Theres more but I dont have the energy to type it all.

Dont get me wrong he's a good guy. But I think Im done w/him. God knows I've tried. He wasnt this way before. I still care for him very much and he provides financially and I know he loves us. i just dont think his effort is 100%
VITALITY: Im in the US

UUCHURCHLADY: thanks for saying what i've never admitted to myself….I am his doormat.

SLOVAKIA: i suppose thats the biggest reason i havent left before, becuz im afraid i'll regret it. but that excuse is getting old and like uuchurchlady said im his doormat and letting all these things happen to me.

KEVIN: I got married cuz I was pregnant. I actually didnt want too but he proposed and my family wouldnt hear of me being a single mom. stupid reason to get married I know, sue me i was in my early 20's and scared. But I did love him. as for his faults…..1. his family before we were married was never an issue becuz in the 10 years i knew him before i must have mingled with his family a total of 5 times. He always said he didnt want me exposed to them. Back then when they were younger they werent as bad as now, just punks but now they're full time criminals. We started mingling more with them cuz they complained I was the only spouse that was out of

dknol answers:

They are good reasons, but they would have been much better reasons to not get married in the first place. Nothing you've said seems to be anything that would have suddenly developed after marriage. You knew all of this going into the marriage, so why are you giving up now? He was good enough to marry, right?

I don't blame you for leaving him though. He doesn't sound like someone I'd want to know, much less spend my life with. Your reasons are perfectly valid. I'm just curious what reasoning you used when you overlooked his and his family's faults when you married him. Is that reasoning no longer valid?

No need to answer, of course. It's just food for thought for your next relationship. I wish you much better luck with the next one.

George asks…

MP3 player for little kids?

My little sister’s birthday is coming up and my parents want me to find a durable mp3 player for her online or in a store. We don’t want it to be too expensive (around $100) and it needs to be sturdy. Not like an ipod that breaks easily. She doesn’t want it to be designed for a little kid (like princesses of pokemon). I previously had a samsung mp3 but it wore out after she used it for about a year. Please help me find something. Best answer gets 10 points!

dknol answers:

check there the prices are reasonable
and i suggest the shuffle it's really portable and it's cute
and itunes is really easy to use

Nancy asks…

Where to get free MP3 Video Downloads for Kids?

I am taking a car trip with a three year old. I have a small MP3 Player with a Video Screen. I am looking for some free video – cartoons, animated films, tv shows, etc for kids that are free to download onto the player. any suggestions?

dknol answers:

I use
It works very well.
You can try it.

Sharon asks…

what is a good mp3 player for a 7 year old?

My daughter is going to be 7 next month. Can anyone recommend a good kid-friendly mp3 player? She likes my IPod Shuffle, but I want to get her something of her own.

dknol answers:

Sansa makes one called Sansa Shaker. It's made for kids and cost around $40.

Laura asks…

Yesterday I bought Shure E2c Earphones..Are these are good brand?

I was going to buy Bose and someone suggested Shure Earphones? Personally, I never heard of Shure before as a brand? I'm getting these for the kids MP3 Players to add …better sound quality.

dknol answers:

Yes, Shure audio products are excellent, they are a professional brand, most of my microphones, and some mixing equipment are/is Shure. Their noise reducing headphones and earbuds are among the best I have used, and my Bose ones broke very easily and quickly.

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