Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

James asks…

What MP3 players allow the parents to put a limit on the max volume so their kids dont go deaf?

I can't find this feature in any of the MP3 players I've been shopping for. Any ideas?
Anyone know for sure? I can guess or ask a sales person if I want to shlep to the store.

dknol answers:

I know that on Ipods there is a feature where u can chose the maximum volume level. So when they try to turn it up higher the volume will not go any higher.

But unfortunately there is no way to lock it w/ a password so if your kids find out they can change it. But at least its better than nothing. And u can always ask them to check to make sure they have no changed it.

Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

how do i change the music in my windows media player to mp3 format?

i need to put some of the music onto my kids new mp3 players.. but the format needs to be changed????

completely unknowing and desperate for good advice!

thanks so much for the help! (in advance)

dknol answers:

You can download the Free MP3 WMA converter from the link below, it can convert a lot of audio files like WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG, APE, etc. To MP3 and vice versa. You can select a lot of video files no matter the format and convert them to MP3s at once. It's totally free, fully functional with no limitations. Once you have converted your audio files just transfer them to your kids MP3 players. I have converted a lot of files to enjoy them on my MP3 player. Besides, it can reduce the size of your existing MP3 files, it also has an integrated CD Ripper. I think you have to choose the support for WMA (windows media audio) files during the installation. Very easy to use. Try it.

Ken asks…

Anyone know of a trusting virus free site to download music?

I bought two of my kids mp3 players for christmas and have used limewire in the past and as most of you know, it totally crashed my computer. I am ignorant to downloading music and need a little help! I appreciate it, thanks.

dknol answers:


Free (it's website is advertising supported), and unlike Limewire, Spiralfrog is both legal and virus free.

No nasty infections and no potentially huge lawsuits for stealing copyrighted material.


Sandra asks…

What kind of Ipod or MP3 player should I get my kids?

They are 13 and 9 and I want to get them something really nice and my daugher has been begging me for a MP3 player. I figured I would just go all out. Any advice is greatly apprecated.

dknol answers:

An ipod nano

David asks…

I ned to know the best mp3 player to get for my kids?

They are ten and eight. I need something that is not too pricey and also easy for me to program and download songs to. Any suggestions?

dknol answers:

IPOD a thousand times! For the eight year old get the shuffle he/she cannot crack the screen because there isnt one. For the ten year old i would either get them a shuffle or nano depedning on their resonsibility and your price range. The shuffle only costs 79 dollars which is an awesome deal and the nano costs 149-199 dollars which is also a good deal because it can play videos. Both of these use itunes which is super simple to use. Both of them can share the same music b/c itunes can support multiple ipods.

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