Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Charles asks…

Can I turn my Itunes into mp3s and put them on my sons generic mp3 player?

I have a 6 year old a little young for an i Pod so I got him this awesome kid mp3 player. I buy I tunes for my i pod…can I transfer my i tunes into a program or something so I can add them as mp3s on his player?

dknol answers:

Put them onto a CD or DVD…(I forget how…I think there's a button at the bottom that'll do it in a playlist…or just look through the menus) and then rip them as MP3s with another player (such as Windows Media Player) from the disc.

Robert asks…

Can anybody recommend a cheap but well made mp3 player for my kids (4 & 6) for Christmas?


dknol answers:

I don't know
but i just found this on the internet so maybe that can get you started?

David asks…

Do you know which mp3 player would be good for kids? (ages 7 and 10?)?

I want to get my kids each an mp3 player (but I'm not sure they are ready for the responsibility of an iPod yet). Do you know of any other good quality and fair priced mp3 players? Thanks!

dknol answers:

For kids 7 and 10 you can go on toysrus .com and they have all types of mp3players with diffrent themes and they also have a review of the product. On toysrus .com you can find everything for ceaoer than other stores.

Joseph asks…

Im looking for a one time charge membership to download songs for a mp3 player how much is it with yahoo?

my kids got mp3 players for christmas and i want to pay for a life time membership but i don't know what sites are safe and the best price.with the best sound anyone have one they use and trust

dknol answers:


Laura asks…

Where to find videos compatible with my RCA 8GB Video MP3 Player?

I got two new RCA 8GB Video MP3 Players for the kids for Christmas and have been told that they will play movies on them. I just now need to know where I can get the movies from and how to get them from there onto the players.


dknol answers:

There are a couple of websites that you can download movies from for a pretty fair price (I would not recommend downloading them illegally), ITunes would probably be the best. After you download them if they are not in the correct format, which you can figure out which one you need in the manual, you can download a free video converter so that it will play on that mp3 player. (to find the video converter go to and search for one)

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