Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Steven asks…

If you have i-tunes can you also put that music on to a mp3 player????

I am buying a ipod touch for christmas but my children all have mp3 players. Will I be able to seperate the 2 music folders so that I can still add music to the kids mp3 players????

dknol answers:

You could just add those same MP3 files that are in iTunes to the MP3 players. No need to cause confusion & separate folders. Though you can't add music directly from iTunes to the MP3 players.

Daniel asks…

What's the best mp3 player to give my kids for Christmas?

I have an 11 year-old and an 8-year old who want iPods for Christmas. I was thinking of iPod Nanos, but they're really expensive. Are there other mp3 players out there that are comparable?

dknol answers:

For kids at 11 and 8 you shouldn't go and buy them iPods, they will probably end up having something happen to them. Yes there is a lot of iPod support out there, but there are other MP3 players that i say beat the iPod. Sony, Samsung and Sandisk all make MP3 players that are very good and have great reviews, and i personally have used all three and i highly recommend them.

Sandisk: 4GB under $75 – My brother has this MP3 player its comparable to the Nano. He has never had a problem with it. Also it comes in 3 colors. (blue, red, black)*+MP3+Player+-+Blue/8753789.p?id=1202649765792&skuId=8753789

Sony: 4GB under $75 – Sony is just AMAZING with MP3 players they are a little more expensive then Sandisk but have sound limiting software and great sound.


Sony: $75-$125, 8GB, Multiple Colors.


Samsung: 4GB, under $80, Samsung is great quality and great sound.


All i can say is 4GB (750 songs) is plenty enough for them, and really spending alot on something fancy is not very wise till they are older.

And also for a plus all these players run on Windows Media Player 11, so its really easy to have multiple players on one computer and WMP is very easy to use. I don't like iTunes one bit.

Chris asks…

Can multiple MP3 players be charged at once?

My kids all got MP3 players for Christmas that charge in the USB ports on the computer. Can I charge them all at once or one at a time?

dknol answers:

Well it depends on how many usb ports u have. If you have 2 then yes you can Charge both a once. If there is more than two mp3s then you can look on the back of the tower and there should be two more you cna plug them in there too. If there is a disc that came with them then install everyone.

Helen asks…

do you know the best mp3 player for kids?

dknol answers:

I would get a cheap one from Wal-Mart. Why would you spend $150 – $200 on a iPod that is going to end up broken/lost/run through the wash?


Linda asks…

I am new to the world of mp3 players…..?

I just broke down and purchased two mp3 players for my kids. I went with a little bit lower end RCA Pearl for one child (the younger one) and the ipod shuffle for the older child. My question is, do I need to “buy” the songs at $1.00 each or is there a safe site that I can get them for free?

dknol answers:

Anyplace you get it for free, its more than likely illegal. You can buy songs from iTunes, RealRhapsody and Napster. ITunes is the easiest one for the ipod. I'm not sure about the other one.

The prices are as follows..
ITunes – 99c plus tax
Rhapsody – 89c plus tax
Napster – Not sure, check their site I guess.

You can also import songs from your cds. For the ipod, just stick the CD in your PC, and go to iTunes. On the Sidebar, it should show the cd title. Click on it, then Click import CD. All the tracks will be added. You can also choose which tracks you want, and don't want. Again, not sure how it works on the other one. I don't own one.

I hope I helped a little.

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