Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Sharon asks…

What MP3 player do you recomend for my four year od daughter?

My daughter always asks for permission to listen to my MP3 player. Now that I am more comfortable using it I have downloaded some songs that I wouldn't allow her to listen to. I want to but her her own, but I need it to be kid friendly. Any sugestions?

dknol answers:

Yeah, there are some cheetah girl mp3 players for little girls that they sell like at limited too and target. They are perfect for little angels ready to enter the music world. They're pink and easy to use.

Mark asks…

How do you download stuff to your MP3 player?

My dad got me this little MP3 player, and its from MA, or Market America. It acts like a MP3 player, cause it works that way. Problem is, I can't get music on it. Well actually I only get them from my dad's file… And that music isn't exactly what I like, as a kid. What do I do?

dknol answers:

Then either import CDs or buy the music you like from an online music store with a compatible file format.

Steven asks…

Where can I get free videos for my walkman mp3 player?

I cannot find any videos to put my mp3 player! I have a couple of podcasts but is there any way i can get full videos? Does any body have any good sites to suggest?
(My computer is too slow for Limewire)

dknol answers:

Hate to tell ya kid, but if your computer is too slow for LIMEWIRE?????

Then it's probably too slow to download entire videos too.

But try BitTorrent sites like Mininova and uTorrent.

BitTorrents have full movies and videos for free to download.

BUT like I said….

If your computer is too slow for good ole LIMEWIRE, then bitTorrents will drive you out of your mind.

Sounds like you need more memory, or a faster computer in order to successfully download entire movies or television shows.

Carol asks…

What kind of music do kids listen to these days?

I have 2 sons who are 9 and 8. They just got mp3 players for there birthdays and have cards they want to spend on music. But they don't know what they want to put on there. I googled around and got them Chris Brown, Mario, Jonas Brothers, Naked Brothers Band, and a mix of some classic rock songs. But we need more. All the cd'd I own have curse words and things I don't want them listening to until they are older. So if you have kids what do they like? Thanks

dknol answers:

I don't have kids, but the two girls I babysit, and my two younger cousins, ages from 8-12 like:

the Beatles
My Chemical Romance (NOT suggested)
the High School Musical songs
Boys Like Girls
Shania Twain
Rascal Flatts
Green Day (not recommended)
Lemon Demon
Plain Whit T's
Simple Plan (nonono)
Smash Mouth
Weird Al Yankovic
Hilary Duff
Nelly Furtado
Kelly Clarkson
Gwen Stefani
Ashley Tisdale
Vanessa Hudgens

Paul asks…

How many presents does a kid under 18 usually get on Christmas?

I have been told that I buy too many presents for my kids..usually around 30 or so with action figure included and a big stocking. This year they have around 20 with maybe some bigger things..MP3 players and come high cost things. They are 16,15, and 11 and although the prices are higher the presentation looks tiny under the tree because the gifts are smaller in size. Sounds stupid but I like to wow the kids on Christmas….and I feel I can't do it this year with money so low.

dknol answers:

Don't break bank over Christmas. Give what you can and they'll appreciate it. They're your kids, they'll love you no matter what. Also it's not stupid to wow your kids, it's cool that you want to wow them; it shows you care about them. Through out my childhood i received different numbers of gifts. Some years it was 20+ others 4 or 5. Christmas is about family time so do whatever you can and the rest will all fall into place. Merry Christmas!

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