Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Lizzie asks…

What are some good songs to put on my nephews MP3 player?

My nephew is turning 12 this weekend, and he likes music and has asked for an MP3 player. He likes rock music, and I'd like to put some on it before I give it to him, but I need some song ideas.I love rock music but his parents are not that into rock, so I have to make sure the language is appropriate and that it's ok for a kid. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!

dknol answers:

Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, MGMT, Tegan and Sara… Ummm…Eskimo Joe, The Last Shaddow Puppets etc. Though, they're more indie rock.

Personally, i love all those bands :D He could always give them a try :)

Nancy asks…

How do I put music from my MP3 player on my computer?

I have a Coby MP3 player and I really want to put the songs I have on there to Windows Media Player. Because there are really good songs that I don't have on my new MP3 or even on my computer. So how do I do this?

dknol answers:

I like throwing rocks at the school bus that the “special” kids ride

James asks…

How do I remove my video from my cell phone to my computer? I have all of my pics on the computer & mp3 player

“I have used the card reader to get the pics on the computer but I woud like to put the short video's that I have on my cell to my computer so that I can also place them on my mp3 player along with my pics. I'm not a computer tech. All that I have done I've learned on my own through trial and error. Takes to long for a response from my grand-kids. I have nothing but time”. Thanks to whom ever!

dknol answers:

Go back and use card reader to copy the things from your cell phone to the computer. Then, from your computer, use any of the plug-ins to transfer the data from the computer to the destination that your want.

Another method is to use the PC suite software of your cell phone. However, this one needs the CD from your cell phone's brand which included when you first bought it.

Paul asks…

What is the best MP3 player for children?

Hi I have two boys 8 and 7 and they both want mp3 players. We live overseas with the military and the only mp3 players the sell in our store on post is The IPOD and some other brand I never heard of and looks complacatied. My oldest son did have the Ipod Nano but he left it in his jeans and my husband washed it : ( . So any way IPODs are pricey and I affrid break easalie with kids.

dknol answers: has tons of cheap, kid friendly mp3's and most of them aren't super kiddy looking either! You can order online to. Good Luck

Lisa asks…

How do you download songs to your MP3 Player?

I was thinking about getting an MP3 player for my daughter. There was an advertisment for a Craig 215MB MP3 for a decent price that i thought i might get. But i'm not great with technology. I asked the lady at the place how you got the songs on the MP3 player and she said you had to pay to download them from websites. Is there any way for her to put songs that she has copied to her computer from CD's on her MP3, or is the only way for her to get songs by buying them?

dknol answers:

She can convert her CDs to play on MP3 players. You can also download them from many websites. Walmart and Amazon now have downloading at around 90 cents a song.

Here is the one thing I will tell you. You can't load much music on a 215 mb player. A song takes up anywhere from 3-5mb, so she can only get 40-70 songs on the MP3 player you discussed

People will tell you about downloading from limewire. I have kids and find it too much of a compromise to advise them to download from limewire, as you are condoning stealing. I'm not trying to debate whether it should be legal or illegal, but the current state of the law says it is indeed stealing!

IPod shuffle is the smallest iPod and it is 4 times the size as that player at 1GB. Honestly, I wouldn't go much smaller than 1GB today.

Of course, I don't know the age/maturity of your daughter, so it may be well-suited for someone real young who loses/doesnt take care of electronics.

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