Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Maria asks…

Can songs from Zune Marketplace be converted for use on other MP3 players?

My kids received Zune Marketplace cards as gifts, but their MP3 players are Sansas. Is there a way for us to use the Zune cards?

dknol answers:

Yes. The Zune DRM has been broken making the songs usable on any medisa device. Check it out here and find out how:

Hope that helps…

Lizzie asks…

MP3 Player that can set volume limit!?

I'd like to get MP3 players for my kids so they can listen to their audio books on the bus ride home (the bus routes just got merged, their ride is 50 minutes now). I'll definitely need ones that can set volume limit. From what I have been reading, iPod seems to be the only one. Is there any other available?


dknol answers:

I would recommend the iPod regardless….one of the best devices for this purpose. Easiest to use in sync with iTunes (free from and you will be able to purchase new audio books directly to your computer and iPod through the iTunes music store. There isn't really a difference in the models (except for the iPod Touch – the most expensive) but the other models are only different in storage capacity.

And yes it has a volume limit – one of the only ones I know of that do. Also has parental controls to controll the ‘settings' access so your kids can't change things.

Nancy asks…

SanDisk Sansa Shaker Mp3 Player Question!?

I have two Sansa Shaker MP3 players for my kids. They are a great little music play and my kids love them. They come with a 512MB SD card but I wanted to load more music on my daughters so I purchased a 4GB SD card and it will not play.

Does anyone know what the max amount of memory SD card it will accept? Will it accept 1GB or 2GB SD cards?


dknol answers:

Most devices and cameras aren't compatible with HC cards, which are anything over 2GB. Check you manual.

Sharon asks…

How do u hook up an MP3 player to car cd player?

I bought a cd player for my car that says it is blootooth ready, mp3 ready, compatable with mp3 players, xm radio ready ect. It does not have a a port for usb cable, the little square port, but it does have a round jack port like what you hook head phones up to. Could that be a way to hook up an mp3 player? I mean is there another cord for that. A friend of mine has a cd player and they use their mp3 player but not with the usb cord. I'm knew to the mp3 player thing these kids use, but they are a lot better than hauling 50 cds in your car that could get ruined or stolen. thanks so much!
ok so where do you get the cord and what kind of a cord like walmart? Thanks!

dknol answers:

Yes that round hole is where you plug it in. You need a cord that has that plug on both sides. The one end goes into your cd player and the other goes in the microphone jack of your MP3

Steven asks…

Has anyone bought the FP3 player for their kids?

Is this a good mp3 player? Is it easy to put songs and stories on it. I know you can get them from the Fisher Price website or use your own songs. Is it easy to convert you songs from your library to the FP3. files?

dknol answers:

Yes, I bought it for my 3 year old who is now 4 and she still loves it. I would recommend getting other headphones then the ones it comes with though. The sponge covers make their ears itch and they come off very easily and get lost. But they are to hard on their little ears to use without the covers on them. So I just went and bought a pair of earphones for her. The songs transporting onto it is very easy. I have all her kids cds transferred on and you can designate pictures in case they cant read yet.

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