Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Daniel asks…

what mp3 player should I buy for my kids (ages 7 and 10).?

I'd love to get them an ipod, but feel that they might be too young for such a high priced item. I'm not even sure how much they would even use an mp3 player. Which ones out there are good for the price and durable for kids?

dknol answers:

I don't think a 7 year old is responsible enough for an MP3 player

Donald asks…

How and where to download on my MP3?

just bought my kid an MP3 player..I have an ipod and know how to load songs on it…but cannot figure out how to for MP3 (the manual didn't help at all)….Limewire ??? help the wanna-be-hip-mom…THANX

dknol answers:

Download mediamonkey and use it just like itunes/windows mediaplayer

mediamonkey works! I have it for ipod

Ken asks…

mp3 player and computer question????

Mp3 player and computer question?
Ok 2 of my kids got mp3 players for xmas. I know how to upload music on it, but I have a question about the “safely remove hardware” icon. Once I put music on one mp3, i have to double click an icon on my toolbar that says safely remove hardware(its a little green arrow). I need to do this before pulling the mp3 out of my computer usb port. The problem is , that icon disappears and i need to use it again to upload music on to the 2nd mp3 player, I want to know how to find this on my computer without having to restart my computer to get the icon back on my toolbar. Its says mass storage device in a box after i click on the green arrow icon. What do i click on my computer files to find this??? I have windows XP. Thanks
I wish the icon did pop back up after putting in the 2nd mp3 , but it didnt. So I been restarting my computer to get it back on the toolbar, but what a pain that is. Both mp3‘s are identical ones.

dknol answers:

I don't think it's essential to use the little green arrow as Windows doesn't do write caching on removeable devices. Put simply, when you when you upload to the mp3 player, the file is copied straight over to it, so long as you don't unplug it in the middle of a transfer, you should be okay. If you do accidentally unplug it mid-transfer, the mp3 on the player may end up being corrupted, also, it may affect other files that are already on the device, so be careful.

Sandra asks…

What are some good songs to but on my siblings' mp3 players?

I have 2 siblings. My sister is 7 & my brother is 12. We like all types of music except country and hard core rap. What are some good, kid-friendly songs to put on their mp3 players. They really like upbeat songs. Nothing negative, misogynistic, offensive, or with sexual undertones.

thanks in advance for your help :)

dknol answers:

For your sister I'd recommend Hannah Montana since she's apparently the coolest thing in the world for young girls at the moment…and I must admit that the songs I've heard by her so far aren't half bad. As for more upbeat songs Calvin Harris does fun songs to dance to. Your 12 year old brother might like some nice rock bands like Muse.

Just look at the top charts and experiment with buying a CD just because you like the cover. You usually end up with something good.

George asks…

what is the best mp3 player in this range?

My kid wants an MP3 player for Xmas. He wants one that he can watch videos on preferably. I dont want to spend more than $100 or so. He's only 10 and I dont want to get him something too expensive, in case he realizes he's not interested. What would you recommend for that price for a kid his age and where would I find it. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Does he have a cellphone? Were you planning on getting him one? Many cellphones can play music, and not just a few can handle video. I;m not talking about smartphones, my LG Voyager (not a smartphone) played video files.

I had a Sansa also, an E260 from about 5 years ago. It was my 1st ever MP3 player, so I really loved it, but I soon had to ditch it anyway. The click wheel is physical, not like the iPods, and the controls were either unresponsive or the player would respond in completely different ways. (Scrolling was an exercise in frustration). The video conversion software was proprietary, and just navigating a video file was practically impossible (FF or RW too much and the picture broke down). I got my Sansa for music, but never having had a video player before, the novelty kept me using it for video until I got my LG Voyager 2 years later.

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