Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Sandra asks…

where can i find a good deal for a touchscreen mp3 player?

I used to have one but i got a big crack on it and my touchscreen messed up.

dknol answers:

You can get a used / refurbished /older model of Apple's ipod touch (on Amazon and eBay for example).
Another option are cheaper players like Coby models : MP826, MP827, MP828, MP837 or Ematic players.
Also, check out the generic brand Pyrus that has been getting good reviews (price ranges from $35 to $60).

Thomas asks…

good mp3 player deal or not?

i found a 2 gb zen v plus for 99 $?!?!?!?

dknol answers:

Hi. If it works for you and makes you happy, go for it. The price per GB is very good.

Daniel asks…

Where can I get a great deal on an MP3 player?

I don't need anything fancy; I need 3 of them. Are there some great sales going on for these or just plain cheap at some stores?

dknol answers:

Ebay does sell some MP3 players for cheap, but you have to be careful about buying computer parts or anything mechanical on Ebay. I've known too many people who have gotten things that don't work!

My suggestion to you is to check out KIX Insignia as a player. It's cheaper than an iPod, and it has a USB on one side; you charge it and add songs to it by plugging it into a computer USB.

I got mine at Best Buy, they go as cheap as $39.99 on their website.

I hope this helps! :) Good luck with your holiday shopping!

Sandy asks…

Whats The Best Deal For A Mp3 Player?

I've been looking at prices for Mp3‘s and it seems that iPods are a rip off. I mean I pay $169 for a 8 GB iPod that plays video and songs when there are other Mp3‘s that are around $70-$80 that look pretty flashy, have the video and song , same 8GB, but also have fm radio and voice recorders and are touch as well.

So, whats the best bang for my buck?

dknol answers:

Philips SA61 8 GB Flash Video MP3 Player
8 GB of memory gives room for both audio and video files
Patented FullSound technology provides superb audio quality
Navigation is easy using the backlit 3.5-inch, full-color LCD
Rechargable battery provides up to 25 hours audio or 5 hours video playback time
Eleven-channel equalizer allows you to listen to music exactly as you like it

$95.83 + $10.09 shipping

Susan asks…

Comparing mp3 players for homework -_- please help?

ok heres the deal, i have no idea what an mp3 player is and this is my homework assignment”

Choose two diff. brands of an mp3 player or cd player and make a comparing chart. You things such as price, size, sound quality, and so on.

So can anyone give me two different brands to do?

dknol answers:

Compare an Apple iPod Nano, 8gb and a Microsoft Zune, also 8gb.

Apple iPod:
Relatively small, a square shape.
Sound Quality: 9/10
Colors: Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Green.

Microsoft Zune:
Relatively Small, a rectangular shape.
Sound Quality: 8/10
Colors: Green, Pink, Black, Red.

The Zune also has a bigger screen than the Nano. You can factor that in some how. I have also attached the websites. You can add more things that you choose.

Have Fun!

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