Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Robert asks…

Help me find a good deal on an mp3 player :) plz?

I'm looking at buying a zune or a old generation ipod video(30gb ones) or any mp3 player that can play videos, Could someone help me find a good deal on either of these my max price is 100$
any help is appreciated/ used or refurbished doesn't matter

dknol answers:

My best bet for you is to buy a new zune from walmart online for a very cheap price of 130$ they also have a 24$ warranty that lasts 3 years exclusively from walmart so i would consider that. Its the best deal you can get.

Donald asks…

High Capacity Mp3 Players (non-ipod)?

im looking for a birthday gift for myself and ive been really needing a mp3 player. I would get a ipod, but they dont have enough memory. I have TONS of music and i need lots and lots of storage space. I really dont care if the mp3 player is big or not, size isnt important to me. I'm looking for a 200+ GB size

if you have a high capacity mp3 player or have any advice dealing with them comment please, thanks

dknol answers:

200gb thats alot. I dont know if there is any that high. I would get an iPod anyway. 160gb

Linda asks…

is this a good mp3 player deal?? is it quality?

8GB Slim 1.8″LCD MP3/MP4 Radio FM Player+Free Ship&Gift is the item and info on it
or this
8GB Slim 1.8″LCD MP3/MP4 Radio FM player+Free Ship&Gift -eBay(item 3003847961
its my first so it doesnt have to be the best but u no good?

dknol answers:

Uh, that explains alot. A picture maybe? Or the link to it?

Edit, looks good to me…

Thomas asks…

why do people who have mp3 players brag about it is not a big deal?

dknol answers:

I agree with Scott. They're lightweight, portable and convenient. Better than lugging around a Walkman and 10 CD's with you which you'd need a bag for. An MP3 fits in your pocket.

Helen asks…

Question on MP3 players?

I want to get my boyfriend an MP3 player for Christmas. The only problem is that he doesnt have a decent computer, and hes constantly having to reboot it. The only MP3 player I'm familiar with is the ipod, and everytime u want to put a new song on ur ipod, u have to download the song into the library and then hook up the ipod to the comp. and then its pretty muching clearing out the history in ur ipod and uploading all of the old songs plus the new ones into the MP3 player. This normally isnt a big deal, but since hes constantly rebooting the comp. he would have to keep redownloading the songs everytime this happens…… is there any MP3 player that isnt' like this??


dknol answers:

Get some kind of creative player if u want a cheap one get the zen vision v plus if u want a full featured one like an ipod video get the creative zen vision:m or the new zune

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