Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Steven asks…

good black friday specials on MP3 Players? online or mortar?

So far ive only seen some places offering like 15$ gift cards.
Has anyone seen any good deals on the Zune or Ipod players?
16GB and up

dknol answers:

Well right now Zune HD 16 gbs are on sale for $197 on Amazon, it wont last long. So make sure you decide fast.Now Ipods can't even match the price to Zune HD's Storage. For the same price Ipod touch 8, you can get Zune HD 16 GB, that is twice the storage with ability to store 4000 songs,or 22 hours of Videos.

Free Shipping and No Tax, what more can a man ask for.

Here's a link

Hope this helps

Richard asks…

This is kind of a long question…dealing with computers and mp3 players.?

I want to burn a cd, from the songs that are on my ipod, BUT the only computer i have that has a cd burner on it is a Windows 98, and from what i know you cant get itunes on a windows 98 computer…i have another mp3 player..its a Sylvania mp3 player..i dont know if that would help me at all..know anything I can do? I dont want to download like frost wire or limewire into that computer…i just want to burn a cd without downloading every song.

dknol answers:

You can't just transfer songs from iTunes to another, for complicated reasons, but the easiest thing to do would be to pull the burner out of that old dinosaur and throw it into the newer computer. It's really easy, there will be 2 or 3 cables plugged into the back (one is power, four colored wires, next is a ribbon-cable, your IDE connection, the other is skinny and it's oldschool audio). Just unplug them, unplug the regular CDROM on the newer computer, and plug your burner in there. You may have to download drivers, though I haven't had to do that in a while. But really, short of some really tricky software work it's your only option. Plus then you'll have the burner for future use.

PS that skinny (probably grey) wire for audio can be ignored, everything's digital these days.

Ken asks…

Is Itunes compatible with other MP3 players?

I got my Mom an Ipod, which she loves and uses on her stereo. She still wants to use her old Mp3 Players when outside. Are they compatible with Itunes? I'd be taking songs from her huge Itunes library. She has a couple of Sansa players (c200 and a Clip) and one Sony. I have only dealt with Ipods before, so haven't a clue. She just found her charging cords, so I'll be doing this later this week.

dknol answers:

Not directly, you'd have to change the files to a .MP3 file, then transfer them onto your MP3 as usual.

Betty asks…

Are refurbished items a good deal? Especially if its electronics like mp3 players.?

dknol answers:

It depends on where you get it from, if you buy it from the maker, yes reburbished units are rbuilt to are brought back up to factory standards like they were when it was brand new, plus if you buy from the company most refurshibed pieces have some kind of limited warranty, it is has NOT warrany i would not buy it a warranty means it is guarnateed to work, no warranty means as is it it works great if on t you are out of luck if it is from a private seller i would be very carefully most indivuals are not caapble of rebusrshing thir own units they do not have access to shmatic charts or anything to let them know what the factory standards are

Nancy asks…

Does any mp3 player other than the iPod have the same cable hookup as the iPod?

I was looking to update my old flash mp3 player because I wanted to buy one of those iPod stereo docks, but it only connects with iPods. I was looking in the ads this morning and saw some great deals on smaller brand mp3 players that looked like iPods but I don't know if they have the same cable connection as the iPod to use on the stereo docks. Does anyone know of a smaller brand that has the same cables as Apple?

dknol answers:

They don't — Apple uses only proprietary connections and file formats for exactly that reason — they want you to be unable to use anything else with their products (this is, imo, why they still haven't put any effort into a version of itunes that doesn't crash on Windows XP). My bf and I were just discussing this — he's insisting on an iPod (even though they are a ripoff with no customer support) just because he wants to be able to use a Bose idock.

Zune mp3 players have docks (, but I can't vouch for how good they are, maybe someone else on here can tell you that!

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