Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Michael asks…

Which electronics store would have the best deals on Black Friday?

I'm looking for either a new camera or a new mp3 player. Which one (camera or mp3 player) would have a better deal on Black Friday and also which stores would have better deals on which electronics?? Thankyou! 10 points for best answer!!!

dknol answers:

Best Buy always has awesome Black Friday deals on all electronics, plus they usually have the widest selection on Cameras and MP3 Players.

However, you shouldn't overlook Target or Walmart because they will have some great deals as well on Cameras and MP3 players.

Go to the website below, all the Black Friday ads are posted as they become available and you prepare yourself before Black Friday actually gets here so you can target your favorite items.


Good Luck.

Sandra asks…

looking for a good deal for ipod or mp3 player?

I want something I can take with me and listen to a lot of songs, preferrably with video. people suggest the zen creative but when i compare the two the ‘Zen V plus' with 8GB seems like the equivalent of an ipod video, but i saw a refurbished ipod video with 30GB for the same price ($179). what are those nice $70 MP3 players ive seen some people talk about? also, since im plan to have a lot of songs, and PC hard drive space is cheaper than mp3 space, is there an easy way to delete say 1000 songs from an mp3 player and replace them with 1000 other songs from my computer, or would it take forever? do i have to click the songs one by one, or can i just highlight a few hundred and say go?

dknol answers:


They have special deals so you might get brand new for cheap rates…

Lisa asks…

what is the best deal mp3 player under 100 dollars i can get for my money?

at least 4gb of memory
and plays videos

dknol answers:

Go to use the mp3 / mp4 player link world wide delivery. Top mp3 and mp4 players

George asks…

what is a good mp3 player company that gives u a good deal with monthly payments of music?

my son is turning 14 and he wants a new mp3 player and i just want to give him it with a good deal!PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!

dknol answers:

Zune is cheaper then itunes but an ipod is more versatile.

Ruth asks…

new to mp3 player deal! help? :)?

uh ok i just got it yesterday and it is a RCA

S1000 and i wanted to know some of the basics of most mp3‘s. does anybody know of a good website that can help me with stuff dealing with this?i would also like to know if its ok to rip the song's to it while listening? can i even do it? idk im pretty clueless! uh HELP? ^_^

dknol answers:

You just have to plug it to the usb. Go to my computer and press the new arware found in my copters load the songs it is very easy

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