Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Chris asks…

How do I fix a sound short in my mp3 player?

see i plug the headphones in and i only hear like the guitar or like only the singing. its not the headphones either. ive tried 352035683 different pairs.

btw its a sansa sandisk 1GB mp3 player


dknol answers:

The port is probably screwed, you will need to take it apart, which makes no sense, you should just buy a good mp3 player, so you won't have to deal with these annoyances, like an ipod nano…

Richard asks…

What's the best mp3 player that holds the most music?

I went to Best Buy to get a Zune, but they said it was being discontinued. I'm looking for a good mp3 player with a lot of music space. What's the best deal?

dknol answers:

The zune is not being discontinued, those people are idiots. The zune hd is coming out however, and at a price that blows apple out of the water. As far as the current gen zunes go, the biggest one is 120 gigs. More than enough for any music collection. The sound card in zunes are far superior to those of an ipod, as well as a better screen. As far as quality goes, the zune really hits top of the list. If you can stay at 32 gigs, i recommend waiting for the new zune hd. It has a full OLED touch screen, which is a million times more powerful than the one on the ipod touch. It also has one of if not the most impressive sound card i have ever seen on an portable device. If youre as big an audiophile as i am, it doesnt get much better than the zune.

Ken asks…

What is the best month of the year to buy mp3?

I want to buy mp3 players like ipod or creative zen or zune. When is the best sale time to buy it? Memorial? before christmas? I have absolutely no idea! They all claim to be the ‘lowest price of the season/year'. Can someone give me a heads up?
And black friday is too hard for me to get in line… things are always gone! I don't want like super cheap, just a 20 buck lower is fine.

dknol answers:

If you want a Zune, subscribe to the Sharper Image newsletter. They always put up deals like $30 off a $200 purchase.

If you want an iPod, check for the weekly specials at . If you dont have a frys near you you can online order (like $7)

I don't know about the others… But who wants to be out of the loop? Get the cool MP3 players.

George asks…

What kind of MP3 player that plays music, video, and records?

I am looking for a Mp3 player that plays music, video and most important, records, such as taking the MP3 player to class to record the teacher teaching in class and just in case i miss anything.

I also need the MP3 player that has a UBS connect in order to download videos, music, and recording from school.

Does anyone know a MP3 player like this?

A good web site with the picture of it and the price would be kool


dknol answers:

I have a Creative Zen Vision M with 30GBs of memory. It has all the stuff you ask for and more. I too have used the mic to record class lectures and the results are good and clear enough for that purpose. It also has a USB connection. The thing about that is that there is a small connection you need to have between the USB cable and the player, but this small connection unit comes with the player along with cable, so no sweat.

The biggest issue about grabbing this particular player is that it is being discontinued, so it is getting more difficult to get one. It may be tough, but not impossible and well worth the money. You can always try Amazon, eBay, and some other stores for good deals.


Good luck.

Mandy asks…

What site do you get GOOD downloads for your MP3 player?

I have a Creative Zen MP3 player & I found out after subscribing that Rhapsody is not compatible with it. I am new to this MP3 thing.

dknol answers:

I wrote this to someone elses question. The devices page lists 5 Zen models, so yours might be compatible too.

Most of the “free” websites are illegal because the Music Artists don't get Paid ANYTHING for their copyrighted work. Being a Peer-to-peer (p2p) system, Limewire (among others) have gotten a reputation for also passing viruses.

With that said:
You do have to “sign-up”, but it's free. It is completely safe and virus free. Best of all is that compared to many suggestions of peer-2-peer software that aren't legal and can pass viruses, this is Completely LEGAL and FREE!

Here it is for you:

To start off, there are 2 different answers:
1) Free downloads that are legal
2) Free Illegal downloads (limewire,kaza, frostwire, torrents, imesh, youtube, etc),

I'll deal with #1.
Since the whole issue about downloading music, the music companies and Artists themselves need to earn “income” from their music work. To be fair, they ARE entitled to it. Nobody wants to work for free.

This is why the (new) Napster, Rhapsody, Walmart, Itunes, emusic, Amazon, Yahoo music, etc exist and charge for their music. Bottom line…If you want legal downloads, you have to “pay” for it.

HOWEVER, there is another option. “Pay” doesn't have to be money. deals with the whole “Pay” idea as being “Banner Ad” income. The more ads you see the more money they make, and they DO pass the income to the artists/music companies.

Unfortunately, seeing the ads once don't provide a recurring source of income to the company, so they require you to come back to their website to ‘renew' your licenses every 30-60 days. Not a real problem since I check them out several times a week.

Their selection of NEW music is mixed. SOME new albums are released through them at the same time as other sites. MANY may not make it until some time has passed, and others never show up. You have to look around and see if their selection is good for you.

Oh, 2 things to take note of:
1) You need to have a player that supports .wma files with DRM (Digital Rights Management). This means iPod is NOT supported, but lots of other players (my cellphone even) do work with it.
2) You can't burn to CD to bypass #1

I use Spiralfrog all the time and love it

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