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Lizzie asks…

where can I find the best deal on music to download to an mp3 player?

I can not find good music from the 70 & 80's at a decent price to download to my MP3 player. I am 66 years old and am not too interested in the ‘now day' music. Thanks for any info Bonijo

dknol answers:

CDs are probably your best source for the widest variety of some of that older music. They can easily be ripped to your computer and transfered to your mp3 player. Also, check out the download store on They have a really good selection and a good price. also has a large download library, or I don't know how well stocked they are for the particular music you are looking for, but looking through them will let you know.

Sharon asks…

ipod/mp3 players?

i dont know which mp3 player i should get. i found this deal on the internet on ipod videos for 88 dollars. the website is and it looke kind of like a scam. i dont know wat to do!

dknol answers:

A new ipod video which sell SGD 88 . It is to good to be true . Try purchase in 88db .

David asks…

If I have an mp3 player but not an actual iPod how can I put my iTunes music onto it?

Ok I have an mp3 player, and I guess since it's not an Apple iPod brand, that the iTunes won't let me copy it directly to my mp3.

I was wondering if there was a way to get the iTunes files onto the windows media player so I can put the songs I bought on iTunes on to my mp3.

Or is there a way I can set the iTunes to sync it to my mp3 without dealing with windows media player?

Thanks so much for all who can help.

dknol answers:

Music files from itunes are drm-laden. In order to play them on mp3 players other than ipod and iphone, you need a special program to help strip off the protection and convert the itunes m4p, m4b, m4a music to mp3. I always use tuneclone. My friend introduced it to me. It automatically generates a virtual cd burner, with which the music files can be converted at very high speed.

You can learn more about it from:

Maria asks…

Looking to buy my 13 yr old daughter a mp3 player for x-mas. On a tight budget, what do you suggest?

I have above average computer knowledge but know next to nothing about MP3 players. I have seen them priced anywhere form $39 and up. Apart form the obvious differences, like storage space and features such as FM radio and voice recording , what's the deal? How many songs would a 512 MB one hold? Do they all come with everything you need ( usb cord, etc) or do some require additional purchases? Can you still download mp3 files for free? And are all MP3 files created equal? Any info you can provide will be greatly apreciated!

dknol answers:

The greatest factor to consider is the amount of memory.

512 MB holds approximately 125 songs. You can get MP3 players that hold anywhere from 50 songs to 10,000. It really depends on how much music she listens to.

With most MP3 players, they come with everything you need, so unless it's stated otherwise, don't worry about additional purchases.

You can still download MP3 files for free, and transfer CD music into the MP3 player as well. Each MP3 player will give instructions as to how to put the music in the player.

If she listens to a lot of music I'd recommend starting her out on a 2 GB MP3 player if you can find one. They aren't terribly pricy, as long as you don't buy an iPod. If she's just starting to listen to music, go with a 512 MB (125 songs) player.

There are hundreds of types of MP3 players on Amazon, I reccommend looking there.

William asks…

Discount Cell phones, MP3 players can you beat my prices?

I have created a website in conjuction with Amazon where I'm able to give additional discounts if you use my webportal page to reach

My question is whether you can find cheaper products for a better price than the items I have listed on my site. Curious as to whether I'm actually getting a good deal.

dknol answers:

Good prices….sometimes better on eBay and Craigslist but they go fast

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