Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Ken asks…

Best deal for mp3 player, ipod, headphone out there?

Hubby got one but I am not fond of it. What is the best out there? It will be used while I exercise.

*soft/comfy, nice sound earphones (not big or too noticeable)
*where I can put as many songs as possible

dknol answers:

The nano has excellent sound and headphones


this Sony is great

8GB Walkman Video MP3 Player NWZ-S618FBLK


Slim and stylish, the NWZ-S618FBLK Walkman Video MP3 player combines a powerful digital music player with a 1.8″ QVGA LCD screen for hours of multimedia entertainment. Listen to your favorite songs, view videos and photographs or listen to your favorite radio stations. Weighing less than 2 ounces but with the capacity to store up to 8 hours of video or hundreds of photographs, the 8GB NWZ-S618FBLK Walkman Video MP3 player delivers everything you need to take your favorite entertainment with you. MP3 & Portable Electronics Walkman Video MP3 Players NWZ-S618FBLK

or something cheaper but still very good

SanDisk Sansa e260 1.8″ Black 4GB MP3 Player


SanDisk Sansa e260 1.8″ Black 4GB MP3 Player

Steven asks…

Has anyone tried “coby” brand mp3 players?

I want to buy this 16gb mp3 player because it sounds like an awesome deal, but I've never heard of this brand before. The reviews I've read are mixed.

dknol answers:

Yes , i have the mp-600 2g, its junk, sounds like junk, user interface is junk, always loses the files requiring a reformat…i would avoid it
the site your looking at only gives it 2.5 out of 5 stars that should be enough for you not to buy it

Donald asks…

Does anyone know if there exists a portable mp3 player with AM radio?

I'm not looking for one of those CD/MP3/AM/FM deals (too bulky), just MP3/AM/FM…

dknol answers:

Sansung sansa….doesnt have AM tho, just FM but its really good =)

Richard asks…

How do I use my SD memory card to play songs on my mp3 player?

Okay so here's the deal I bought a RCA Lyra mp3 player, its suppose to hold up to 500 songs, it has an internal memory, that only holds about 55 songs, but you can use a SD memory card for more external memory, but when I put songs on the memory card the songs want play on my mp3 player. I also get my music from limewire, but over all I can only put about 55 songs on it, and I know I am suppose to be able to put more on it.

dknol answers:

Are they in mp3 format? You might have to reformat your SD card if it's new or you might have to create a certain folder on the card and put the music in that folder. Can you point the player to the SD card?

Mary asks…

Where's the best deal to buy an mp3 player for a great price?

i don't care about the hype (iPod, Zune, etc.)

i just want a decent portable music player for a good (maybe cheap) price
i did see a 4gb player at toys r' us for $30
that has music, video, pics, radio,… (better than getting a 4GB iPod shuffle for $80 with no screen)

so does anyone know where i can get a great deal?
a player between 4gb-16gb

dknol answers:


The best place for you to visit would be eBay, iOffer or ePathChina. There are quite a few players available, and since you do not really care about the hype you have thousands of items to chose from.

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