Your Questions About Mp3 Players Compatible With Itunes

Donna asks…

Is itunes compatible with Mp3 players besides ipods?

like a sansa mp3?

dknol answers:

No, but you can use a program like Songbird to sync to your Sansa or iPod.


Daniel asks…

a Is the Sandisk Sansa M230 512MB Mp3 player compatible with iTunes?

I'm looking for an Mp3 player for my little brother for under $45. I found the Sandisk Sansa M230 512MB MP3 player, is it compatable with iTunes? Is there a MP3 player besides iPods that are compatable with iTunes?

dknol answers:

Actually no, but it is compatible with WMP11 i guess ,anyways on the other front these are the ones which are compatible with itunes :D

Digital Players Manufacturer Connection
iPod Apple FireWire / USB
Nomad II Creative Labs USB
Nomad II MG Creative Labs USB
Nomad II c Creative Labs USB
Nomad Jukebox Creative Labs USB
Nomad Jukebox 20GB Creative Labs USB
Nomad Jukebox C Creative Labs USB
Novad MuVo Creative Labs USB
Rio One SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio 500 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio 600 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio 800 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio 900 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio S10 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio S11 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio S50 SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio Chiba SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio Fuse SONICBlue/S3 USB
Rio Cali SONICBlue/S3 USB
psa]play 60 Nike USB
psa]play 120 Nike USB
SoundSpace 2 Nakamichi USB

CD MP3 Players Manufacturer
RioVolt SP250 SONICBlue/S3
RioVolt SP100 SONICBlue/S3
RioVolt SP90 SONICBlue/S3

Sandra asks…

Is the Sony X Series Walkman Video MP3 Player compatible with iTunes?

I really like the new Sony X and want one, but if I get one, I want to transfer my songs from iTunes to whatever Sony uses. Can I? And by the way, what music online store (like iTunes) does Sony use?

dknol answers:

Sony Walkmans use any music or media that is not DRM protected. They really do not have a store, or at least I never saw one when I had mine. I have a DRM protector remover that I use as well as I download my music from Bearshare because I think it is frivolous to pay so much money for music when I have bills. As far as compatible video's for the Sony, I get my video's for free as well and use to convert to a compatible file to move to the player. Sony's are great! Good Luck! By the way, if you love to pay for music then this is not a slam against those that do. I just could use my $7 or more per album on other things like rent, groceries and transportation to work.

William asks…

what MP3 players are compatible with Itunes besides Ipods?

dknol answers:

None. ITunes is just for the iPod.

Paul asks…

Other mp3 players that would be compatible with my iTunes library?

I'm getting sick of iPods and how expensive they are. I have a 3rd gen nano right now (8gb) and want a new mp3 player that is at least 16gb and compatible with my iTunes library…any suggestions?

dknol answers:

If you purchased protected songs from iTunes, you are pretty much stuck with iPods, unless you want to convert everything you have. The DRM protection iTunes puts on its purchased files prevents them from being played on anything but an iPod. However, you can work around this by converting the files. The easiest way to do this is to burn the files to an audio CD and then rip them back onto your computer into either mp3 or wma format. This will break the DRM protection and let you transfer your files to virtually an device. The other thing is, you cannot actually use iTunes to transfer music to non-iPod mp3 players. You can however import your iTunes library into another jukebox program, such as Windows Media Player or Media Monkey which will let you sync your library with almost any other mp3 player. As for players themselves, a couple I would suggest:
– Sandisk Sansa View
– Sandisk Sansa Fuze (technically this is only available with a maximum of 8GB, but it does support high capacity micro SD cards, so it can be expanded but up to 16 additional GB at a time, and it's very affordable)
– Creative Zen
– Creative Zen Mozaic
– Sony NWZ A720 or 820 series
– Cowon iAudio 7
Hope that helps.

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